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i had  been playing this game for 3 days and all the time i spent completing those routes was worth it. i can't even begin to explain how good and well-made this is. every little detail that was spent into this game didn't go unnoticed. the efforts of the creators to make a game possessing high quality graphics and an incredible story definitely paid off as i am certain that everyone who decided to download and play this game was not disappointed. i don't even know how i'm forming sentences right now. i just finished the 5 routes and am in complete spazz mode over how amazing that experience was, so forgive me if i sound repetitive or as if i'm spouting incoherent sentences. 

OK FIRST OFF: THE CHARACTERS. GOD I LOVE ALL OF THEM. and yes, when i say all, i mean all of them! even the villains and the side characters. THEY ARE ALL SO LOVABLE. i can tell how each character was not merely present to serve as plot device  but each of them had their own complexities, their own insights, their own opinions and ideals that they wish to come true. even though this is fictional in every way, i found myself often feeling empathy for the characters. 

SECOND OF ALL: THE SCRIPT.  the way each setting and each action was described was so vivid and well-executed that i literally had to stop and pause the game several times, because i couldn't take in the beauty of the words being used. they were used so effectively in a way that really captures the emotions of the situation being presented in the game.

AND FINALLY: THE GRAPHICS. like how????? the special scenes were too beautiful that sometimes i felt like i didn't deserve to look at them iabdabdabuf. several times, i found myself gasping and just shaking my head at the magnificence of the graphics. this art style has won my heart so many times and i am so happy because it suited the story really well.

also, i suggest that you follow the recommended playing order, because there are some pieces of information about other routes that will be revealed to you which might decrease the suspense factor of the plot. 

that being said, here's the list of the routes from my most favorite to least. 


  1. Waltz
    1. i feel like this is inevitable since he is pretty much endgame just basing from the opening itself. the special scenes with waltz (ESPECIALLY THAT ONE IN THE FOREST OHMYLORD) are so precious that even though i promised to stay loyal to rod, i found myself swooning over him. also, i find that my character's relationship with him is the most adorable out of the others. also, this route has the best ending, because everything felt resolved and there was enough closure with each character. this is also the only route in which i get to actually experience an overdue confrontation with the king and that part made me bawl hard.
  2. Fritz
    1. was this expected too?? lol but this is less because of fritz himself and more because of varg. i got so attached to him (maybe because i'm naturally drawn to bad boy types idk) even though i tried to resist because i knew he was going to vanish in the end. :-( now i'm sad again. i legit cried over varg after finishing this route for like 10 minutes because he didn't deserve that ending ;-; this route probably has the worst ending imo but it was worth it. at least i got some special scenes with varg ;u;
  3. Rod
    1. THOSE HATE-TURNS-TO-LOVE RELATIONSHIPS ALWAYS GET ME. and rod is so freaking cute!!! he's the type i always immediately get attracted to in otomes. (short, blonde hair, blue eyes, kinda looks like a shota, you get the picture) i don't like the ending tho. i hate it when the endings seem temporary and unsure :-(
  4. Karma
    1. i thought he was going to be the playboy type at first but i was so wrong lol i love how overprotective he is (literally everyone in this game was but) and how much he cares for my character despite being selfish. as it was stated in the game itself, my character relates with him the most and they improved together which is so cute.
  5. Rumpel
    1. ok this route was cute, but for some reason, i couldn't empathize with rumpel's character that much. i understood his ideals and his principles, but out of all the other relationships, i felt like this one was the most unnatural or misfitting. i just felt like they weren't suited for each other??? idk

OK FINALLY I'VE SPAZZED EVERYTHING OUT OF MY SYSTEM THANK GOD. and also, A BIG THANK YOU TO THE DEVELOPERS OF THIS GAME. you guys will be remembered as our otome saviors. but in all seriousness, i love you for making this amazing game and for being such skilled and talented people. please make more. 

edit: i've left the game running for an hour in the background now, because i don't want to quit it. the game affected me this much.

edit 2: i'm still listening to the music in the background lol sfienfiewni

edit 3: how does one get over a game and move on with their life

omg thanks for informing us <3 you're a lifesaver

omg thanks for informing us <3 you're a lifesaver

omg this is such a late reply pero thank you for reading my long ass comment huhuhu also, i've seen your new game and i really want to play it but i'm currently using a mac :((( i hope you upload a mac version soon

omg ok since taglish naman yung ginamit na language sa game, ito na rin gagamitin ko to write my review. at first medyo hesitant akong i-try tong otome na 'to kasi may nalaro na kong otome dati na philippine setting din at hindi ko siya nagustuhan. pero nakita ko yung art at na-intriga ko, kaya sinubukan ko siya at ang masasabi ko lang ay kuhang-kuha nito yung mga bagay na lagi kong hinahanap sa mga otome


sa tingin ko kahit sinong filipino na maglalaro nito matatawa sa mga linya ng characters. sobrang nakakatuwa kasi hindi cheesy yung pananalita nung characters kahit na written siya in filipino. ang maganda pa ay mayroong mga filipino slang na nakakadagdag sa pagiging relatable and edgy nung game. sobrang ganda ng pagkakagawa ng dialogue kahit informal siya. naappreciate ko yung mga jokes, sarcasm at kung anu-ano pa. the attention to the dialogue is what made this game win me over. hands down. (ang witty nung main character nkklk)


SOBRANG LOVABLE NG CHARACTERS. like, how??? natutuwa ko kasi lahat sila may sense of humor. like si nash yung nang-aasar lagi at mahilig mang-inis hahaha. tipong wala siyang sineseryosong usapan at laging pabiro yung sagot. si lanier naman typical guy friend na kavibes mo at laging masayang kasama kahit saan. si rayden the pa-cool slash pa-mysterious kid na may sariling mundo pero ang cute cute pa rin. tapos si liz pa air-headed stereotype pero typical best friend na laging andiyan para sayo at naappreciate ko talaga siya throughout the game. tas si croix huhuhu yung overprotective na kuya. HINDI KO ALAM KUNG PANO MO GINAWA pero sobrang life-like nung characters??? like inisa-isa ko sila at hindi ko naramdaman na andun lang yung bawat character for plot device. lahat sila may kaniya-kaniyang personalities na sobrang realistic. siyempre dahil si rayden yung pinakaspecial (siya ba naman end game), siya rin yung pinakafavorite ko. sa mga otome talaga lagi kong hinuhuli yung mga mysterious/bugnutin type kasi sa kanila ako pinakanaaattract kaya natuwa ako na si rayden yung pinakamalaking route sa game.


sobrang kumpleto nung mga routes. yung kay nash na-feel ko na medyo maikli pero binawi pa rin ng ending. grabe ang cute lang ng idea na *SPOILER* iniispoil (lol) ka nung boyfriend mo at pwede siyang bumisita sayo anytime he wants (ang creepy pakinggan omg). basta ang sweet ni nash. sobrang complete package. may hitsura, matalino, mayaman, WTF ANG PERFECT NIYA MASYADO. feeling ko siya yung pinakasweet na guy.

next na route naman ay yung kay lanier. honestly, sobrang nakarelate ako sa main character nung prologue. i also have someone i like...and he's also in a relationship. kaya nung first time na sinabi ni shaizee na taken si lanier, i was like "girrrrl same ok siya uunahin ko." ang dami ko ring kakilalang ganito na secretly in love with their best friend who's already taken. so, the fact na may ganitong klaseng guy sa game is really nice (ito na lang ata yung chance naming mga sawi na matupad ang mga pangarap) i really enjoyed his route, especially since i got to see him develop from my platonic best friend to a very sweet and loving boyfriend. childhood-best-friends-turned-lovers stories always get me.

at ang pinakahuling route ay kay rayden. TEKA TEKA TEKA nung chapter 1 naconfuse ako nung si rayden yung bumungad sakin. naramdaman ko yung naramdaman nung character kasi like never kaming nag-usap at nagkita lang sa library tas biglang malalaman ko na siya boyfriend ko?? ang weird at ito ang nag-udyok sakin to find out more about his character. at ang masasabi ko lang ay bes, ang hirap niyang suyuin. kinailangan ko pang siguraduhing makuha yung dalawang best endings sa ibang guys para lang malaro ko route niya nkklk. but, it was worth it. sobrang nakakakilig si rayden. i have this small thing for shoutas at the fact na siya pa yung mysterious type lalo siyang nagmukhang attractive sakin. tapos ang cute kasi every time na nagseselos siya at nagbablush literal na may nararamdaman akong tumutusok na something na matulis sa dibdib ko. not joking. ito yung epekto ng kacutan ni rayden sakin. anyways, just from the flashbacks nung nasa amusement park pa lang sila ni shaizee na-in love na agad ako sa kaniya kasi ang cute cute niya bes :--( can u imagine makareceive ng surprise kiss mula sa boyfriend mo at a ferris wheel (and anime fan din siya, so that's a plus)

4.) ART

i like this type of art style! clean and simple but fluffy. mas nafifeel ko talaga yung mga nilalaro ko kapag maganda yung art kaya thumbs up bc the art was really nice. sobrang cute nung mga pabagong-bagong expressions nung characters. plus, props din sa background kasi ang ganda nila. i even took multiple screenshots of some scenes bc ang aesthetic tignan.

ok parang masyado na atang mahaba 'tong tinatype ko. not sure if anyone will read this anymore, but i just had to let all my emotions about this really amazing game out. nicely done. medyo gusto ko pa tuloy makakita ng marami pang otome na set in the philippines at nasa filipino language din. kudos to you guys, you made a really great otome! will be looking forward to (hopefully) a lot more of your works in the future. ♥

You're so nice for doing your best to reply to all of our comments :-) I'm definitely excited for the expansion pack and will be waiting for it.

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First of all, the art style is amazing! I loved the character designs as well. Also, I'm a huge sucker for cheesy dialogues and flirtatious comments, so I find the VN very well-written.

I decided to go for Mer last, since him being cute and meek during the ball made me think that I was going to enjoy his route the most and I live by the statement "save the best for last." So, I started with Snow, since I tend to get attracted to the seemingly playboy (but really just a big softy on the inside) type and I loved his route! I got the second ending with him first and it might have been my favorite out of all the endings (more explanations later). I proceeded to Zel and got the second ending for him as well. I didn't enjoy it completely, though, because I felt bad when Charming decided to abandon her responsibilities as the princess of the Lunar Kingdom. So, I replayed Zel's route and was very much satisfied when I attained the first ending with him.

Now, let's proceed with Mer. I REALLY REALLY like his character's personality--gentle, sweet, add the fact that he blushes easily (which is a big plus for me) and he's perfect! Well...aside from the fact that he tried to kill me while I was sleeping and it turned out that he was actually not the real Prince Mer. I mean, I knew that there was something suspicious about him from the start and that he wasn't all that he seemed to be, BUT I didn't expect something like this. The whole concept and his backstory is really great, but the ending felt rushed. I felt like Nicholl agreed too quickly to help after learning the fact that he tried to kill Charming. Also, the shift from the heavy conflict to the sudden happy ending felt really unnatural. Then, I got curious about Mer's second ending so I played it again to get it and I just...

I love this game for exceeding my expectations and going out of its way to be a unique otome, but Mer's route somehow left me quite unhappy. I get that the first ending with him was supposed to be the happy one, but after the tumultuous event that occurred right before that, it didn't feel romantic at all. If he didn't turn all batsht crazy, then I think I would have liked his route the most.

(I guess I'm just disappointed, because I wanted Mer's route to be perfect lmao)

Overall, this game deserves an 8/10. I look forward to more of your games! :-)

P.S. Props to the saliva-exchange scene ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I thought this was just a simple horror game, so when the game suddenly closed I thought it crashed. I opened it again and i was greeted with a pink otome-like menu and i was like??? I must have clicked on the wrong file. But it was the right one and I was so confused. Did something happen to my computer??? Then, it turns out it was all part of the game. THIS IS AMAZING! I definitely got more than what I expected. I look forward to more of your games in the future!!