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A member registered Aug 04, 2016

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Hi guys! Congrats on an awesome pre-alpha! Great concept, art style and gameplay. The 90s nostalgia is real- I love it!

Things I like best:

- Negotiation gameplay, the risk/reward of the extra $$ vs. the danger of getting sucker punched feels perfect. Bravo!

- Breaking moves in melee combat. Really dig the way this is working especially when you knock people off the roof.

- Code cracking and lock picking mini games are so good.

Having put some hours into the game now, some things are a little frustrating though:

1. My main complaint is that movement feels really sluggish due to the slipperyness of the ground and serious latency when changing direction. I think this makes it feel less like a high-tech robo cop character and more like a low-tech battle suit. This results in many deaths feeling unfair because you couldn't control the character properly. It really feels like it takes too long to get running from a standstill and stop after a jump.

2. Keyboard controls sometimes feel a little over complicated imho (double tap to run) and unable to be customised. Hopefully just because it's still alpha.

3. The screen is often too cluttered with information, it's really hard to know where to look at times both while travelling between levels and in combat.

4. The skill advancement, weapon and system purchases all feel too expensive early on. The grind for Requisites seems to slow at least to start with. And when equipped the difference is not that noticeable. Perhaps just more money from each mission so even small upgrades are easy to buy and equip. Just as a psychological difference earning more money plays into the addicting aspect of the game I think.

5. Tutorial is waay too long.

6. Probably just an alpha thing, but level design needs much more variety.

Just a couple of thoughts so far. Loving it on the whole. Hope to see it come to fruition.