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Hi Geod,
You may or may not have heard of RxNES.  It is an NES "Interpreter" ;)

It features 8x resolution sprite and background replacement with either .PNG images or .OBJ 3D Models :)

It has a built in c# compiler that compiles the main enhancement script and accessory scripts from text when you launch a game.

It has a Memory Search function with equals, does not equal, greater than, and less than search,   with ++, --. and FREEZE value functions.

It dumps the screen in "PyxelEdit" .pyxel format for editing within PyxelEdit (Paid Version) software.

With the custom c# scripts, examples have been made of "Custom Scrolling Backgrounds" and ".OGG Music Replacement".

It is based off of MyNES v7 :)

It runs in the Unity3D Game Engine :)

It's my baby, I based it off of MyNES and wrote the whole graphic replacement schemes and added the runtime c# compiler etc.


I have decided I would like to give you the current source code so you can cherry pick it / merge parts if you should like.
Parts could be the run-time C# compiler which allows users to code c# scripts just the same as with regular Unity3D and attach them to individual games / gameObjects. They can spawn GameObjects, AddComponents, Particle Emitters, Lights, anything C# and Unity3D compatible.

It has a .OBJ runtime 3D Model Loader that works with Multiple Materials and sub-meshes.

It knows where each BG Tile starts and ends, regardless of split scrolling tricks.

Sprites only collide into 1 graphic if they use the same palette, because each sprite palette gets its own framebuffer. However sometimes 2 sprites with the same pal pal up! doh!

it runs full speed, until you replace hundreds of graphics, then on my machine it starts to get a little slowdown.

I am tired of working on it for now and have always been in awe of how your 3D effect is a shader? It runs soo fast!

I would rather play 3DNES than continue working on RxNES, however I have grown used to and greatly enjoy:
- Runtime C# Compilation and Custom 'per Game Sub-Scripts .
- Custom .OBJ 3D Models (Does 3DNES already have this?)

It's cherry pickin time! :)

It run-time compiles /Enhancements/(GameName)/-MyPackage-/RxEnhance.cs,
So I guess poke around in there first. There are also a couple other DEMO scripts there also run-time compiled..

Of specific interest may be the method I devised of pin pointing where each tile begins regardless of mid screen scroll changes.
This works off a separate frame-buffer called "dotBuffer". When a tile begins rendering it draws a pixel to dotBuffer, it's that simple!
(Yet took a few weeks to come up with :p)

Anyway, the FULL SOURCE,
Well i'm not giving it away to everyone!
PM me or something and I'd love to send it to you!

I'm really hoping you can somehow mix the best features of both our projects together into a non competitive, fully featured, emulator/"interpreter" everyone will enjoy! :)

With esteemed regards!
     - Myles :) :)   (MiLO83)