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i desperately need about 50 more hours of hugo noah and colby's wacky adventures

As one of my first exposures to visual novels were Ryukishi07's WTC series, his directing and writing style has influenced me a lot—if I had written Soundless any younger, I might have ended up putting a lot of ellipses in the writing just like him LOL. I'd say it most comes out in how I use sound and music to set the atmosphere.

There are still plans to complete them! They're just kind of in development limbo.

Truth be told, I wasn't planning on doing anything else until I was done with those two. But when the pandemic came around, I found it difficult to work on both due to their heavier content, and wanted to write something smaller and more lighthearted to spark life back into my fingers and give everyone something to read in the meantime.

Hello, SpacePirateVex! Please e-mail us at with a screenshot of the error and information about your system and hardware. We want to make sure that everyone can experience Soundless the way it was intended to be.

(And thank you for your kind comments, we're glad you liked it!)