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Thanks a lot. I'm using Unreal Engine 5.

Congrats on moving into the GDWC finals!

Congrats on moving into the GDWC finals!

Congrats on moving into GDWC finals!

Congrats on the GDWC Nomination!

Yes i'm aware of that. I also read in wiki that the word ginkgo came to be because of  a misspelling.
Basically i decided to go with word Ginko for a more unique name.

I played your game and can say that it has a lot of charm and is very beautiful with a coherent visual style.

Since the game is in French i couldn't understand much about what was going on but the mechanics seemed understandable.
Because the game is made for azerty keyboard it's not possible to play with a regular qwerty layout - so you must use a joystick.

I would definitely like to play this game (and i think so would others) as a full experience and maybe some more mechanics (apart from the platforming ones). It does give off similar vibes to a game called Rime in the best way.

I understand it's a school project and maybe you're not planning on continuing the development, but I can say its a damn high quality graduation project!!! 

Amazingly polished and super satisfying. Like it already feels like a 10/10 in the aesthetics and game feel. 

I understand it's quite inspired by games like vampire survivors - hence the auto attack and everything auto, but might be cool to consider a more active participation from the player or an optional setting where it could be more like an action game where you need to press the mouse to attack. And the skill bar would be with activatable skill slots. So in a way innovating or bringing something new in terms of mechanics and gameplay in this genre. But that might be a completely other game though, so it's understandable you might not want to go that way.

Anyway - you have something really cool on your hands. cant wait to play the full game!!!

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Yes - a lot of people in reddit have compared it to HLD in similarity, to which i always respond that it's completely unintentional.

Listened to the first son that was in bandcamp website (it swallows). And i can definitely see have your style of sound would fit this game.

If i continue to work on this i'll contact you for some music stuff.

Currently quite unbalanced - seems impossible to go past 500 points no matter what upgrades you take or how fast you're advancing

Hey! Came here from your youtube channel. 

You have an awesome talent for creating really polished experiences. Art sound effects, the feel of mechanics and responsiveness you seem to be able to do it all. It's really great that you're taking up on making a game every month - I can imagine you'll be a beast at finishing games after that.

Also I hope you won't abandon the nightmare hunter project as it already seemed very polished and interesting. Would love to play that game!!

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This game is an absolute BANGER!
There is so much awesome to say about this game and how it's amazing in every aspect from the overall appeal and style to visual effects and soundtrack, It's amazing that you're allowing to access this for free as it's definitely in a quality for a paid game. 

The only request/problem I had was that at higher resolutions (lower FPS) the controls became a bit sluggish ,although lowering the resolution helped, it would still be awesome to have an option, to turn off the mouse smoothing - as it gives a bit of a floaty feeling and makes it quite hard to aim.

I loved the way the soundtrack intensifies once you kick in a door with enemies - really puts you in the action mode!

Amazing sprite design and overall feel. Personally i would like the possibility to flip the bee when i want because i feel that the mechanics of keeping the bee flying and gaining energy are already hard enough. You could also add enemies coming in from sides . But all that is just personal opinion. Overall a very nice quality short game. Very good job!