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This game is super fun and the concept is especially interesting. The feeling as you successfully find out the meaning of each word is indescribable.

The difficulty of the game is also well balanced (not that hard but not that easy too)(I beat the game in 20 minutes).

In conclusion a good, fun puzzle game!

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I'm planning on using LÖVE(framework) for this jam and it's a code-based framework, so every community library is code. And these libraries handle stuff like object-oriented programming, collision detection, which are fundamental. Can I use these libraries or do I have to code it all from scratch? And is it possible to use stuff like Post Processing Stack, which has code in it?

I chose that art style to focus on programming since making the player look at the mouse and shooting bullets according to the direction needed more math than I thought. 

And RIP your finger ㅠㅠ 


Thank you! :D

Making variations to the circles will be a cool idea! Thank you for the suggestion! :D

I'm glad that you enjoyed the game! :D 

And OMG 203 points is a lot! The game gets challenging every wave and even I, as the developer of this game, never got a score higher than 200.. great job!

What are the voting categories?

Thanks! :D

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If possible can you recommend me good music making programs or procedural generation tools that are free and easy to use?  

Thank you so much! :D

I forgot to upload the downloadable build of the game to the page ㅠㅠ Please, is there anyway I can upload the build during the voting period? I'm desperate... :(

Does my game have to follow all the themes or just a certain amount of them?

Great idea! :D That will allow the player to move around while at the same time change throw distance!

Thank you for the suggestion! :D 

But I can't think of a way for the player to change throw-distance via keyboard while moving around :(

How do you export your .love file to as browser playable?

That will be dope! :D

Can I use music and sound effects from other people, or do I have to make them myself?

This game was magnificent! :D The graphics was cool, well polished, overall a very fun game! :)

Very good polished game! I loved playing this game :D

Chrome stopped downloading the zip file, saying it may be dangerous :(

Super hard, but creative and cute :D

At first I didn't know that I have to spam the left arrow key to blow the fish. But the game was very creative . Overall, I like it :) 

Thanks for the compliment! Due to your compliment, I became aware that small things such as asking the player if they want to try again or not are also essential. :D

It was impossible to pass the first wave of enemies because you had to kill both enemies with different types in one wave. But I'd like to point out that the visuals of the game was pretty good especially the parallax scrolling. And the fact that you made different bullets for different enemies is  genius! 

I think this game can be very fun to play if you can lower the difficulty and add some simple sound effects :D

Making the friction 0 made the platforms too slippery, making the game so hard.

Thanks for the criticisms :D 

About the bugs:

- I tried to fix the fidgety movement when jumping, but failed. 

- I think I can fix the stuck at a side of a platform bug

PS: Thanks for the compliment about the character art; I tried my best creating a good enough character design.

The idea of avoiding errors and warnings is brilliant :D

There's a problem with the GDWC website. 

I tried to login today but when I typed my id and password and pressed the login button, chrome suddenly crashed with the message: ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS. I refreshed the page to type my id and password one more time but before I could do that this kind of message popped up :

What's happening? And was this a planned action?

It will be an honor to take part in your World Championship :D. So when does the Championship start? And how can I submit my game?

Thanks :D