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very cute game!! love the concept and am excited to see what you add!!!

really creative!

hi! i tried this in every format provided, and none of them worked. no cards ever popped up, i don't know if it's just me or what but

oh i'm so dumb, sorry and thank you for responding!

hi! i really like the game so far, but i can't seem to get past the alley. i think it's because even if i pick that i'm not smarter than artificial intelligence, it believes i picked that i am. is that supposed to happen? and are there any guides to help me move forward? also, i went to the website and wasn't able to find anything really. was i supposed to?

amazing game. the last section took me a while but it was definitely fun

i played everything that was available outside of the patreon build! i really enjoyed it, and hopefully when i'm not broke, i can play the rest of it. <3

i had fun exploring,,,there was some weird shit going on but cool nonetheless. hopefully there wasn't a story i missed or anything

aku no hana is my favorite manga AND anime,, but i've never met anyone else who's read/seen it. so when i saw that flower i almost had a fucking stroke. thank you sm for making this game!