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This was a good game :) I wish there was a little more to it, but I did enjoy my time playing it. A really positive quality the game had to it was the music! It was very unnerving.

OMG THIS GAME WAS PHENOMENAL! I have never played a game with such a unique mechanic, and I was engaged the whole time. This is one of the best horror games I've played so far!  

this is a great game! i really enjoyed the experience. Overall i felt the jump scares were underwhelming, but the ending one sent my soul right outta my body. 

I absolutely loved this short horror experience! the jump scare at the end was the scariest I've seen in a long time. The ambiance and atmosphere are stunning as well. I would love to see you make another horror game!

This game was so fun, and engaging! I had me on the edge of my seat the whole time :) I absolutely cannot wait until the full release! 

this game was so enjoyable to play! i loved the voice acting, and art style so much. Keep up the great work!

This game was absolutely phenomenal! I am truly at a loss for words. The atmosphere, and jump scares just wow...   

this game was great! i really enjoyed the maze-like-mechanics, and monsters. i definitely got spooked once, lol. i can't  wait to see more creations of yours!