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so close- I failed on the last one -_-

very well made! you did a good job of showing need/inspiring need without any words!

overall a very good game! I enjoyed how you are forced to use your sword in very creative ways (i.e shuffling, scooting,etc). I appreciate how short it is- it challenges you greatly, and just when you say "if it makes me do one more level I'm quitting", It gives you the reward! Frustrating, but satisfying to complete! 9/10!

only on the fourth level ;-; I can see why this is compared to Getting Over It

nevermind, webgl was blocked for some reason

is the game not loading for anyone else? I've left it for several minutes but there is only a black screen

I love the design of the forest spirit! The health bar also looks very cool!

I loved the snail! and the worms, and the frogs, and the mushrooms, and the bee! for real though, I really liked the original puzzles and the calming atmosphere!

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I really like this game! its nice and simple. Only problem is.. I got caught whilst holding the hand of the first friend (the one closest to the boat), and when I respawned, they were like 10 feet in the water.. which you can't go into. I've gotten all of the other friends to the boat, except that one. do you think there is anyway to fix this without losing my progress?