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I personally don't really do 2d, so i cant tell you

Mostly through youtube videos and the unity forums. There are a lot of good tutorials out there from a lot of good youtubers. The community is really big and helpful. Use it! And maybe ill release the game project.

Very fun little game! Very simplistic but nice graphics, the characters handle well and the puzzles are fun. Audio is a little vague and hard to hear sometimes, but not to much of a bother for me. Good job!

Thanks for the kind words! Amazing to see that you liked it. The controls can be polished a little more, but this indeed makes the game more challenging. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for letting us now about the bug :), we didnt even find that ourselves. Hope you had fun playing!


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Shame. Is there any way that i can still attend the jam?

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Hi guys, unfortunately i was too late to submit a game because itch didnt allow me too. I was just a couple of minutes too late. I have  two simple questions, does your project have to be public to submit it? Itch automatically put it to draft which i think is what caused the problem. And is it somehow possible to still upload something, because i have made a game that i would like to share: