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Milana Walters

A member registered Aug 09, 2016

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Yes and thank you for replying! I really enjoyed reading your story and Dara is currently my favorite 馃グ i love your writing and the way you write slow burn romance is just chefs kiss, I couldn't find smth like that since the times of wayhaven and fallen hero 馃槷 

I switched to safari and saving to disk works there 馃槄

hello! I鈥檓 playing on chrome on my iPad and have trouble with saving, I requested desktop mode as suggested but when I try to save on the disk the long wall of text appears and nothing is saved 馃ゲ

Finally! time to play:)

Ohh, the art is beautiful. I just wish the game had a male protagonist as well:(

oooh, the plot got me hooked:)

The art is very beautiful! And im already shipping Ethan and Adriel:) Good luck on the project, cant wait to play the full game.