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It does not support web in any way

C++. some basic stuff can be done with Lua

Hi,  it needs coding

There are no guides, I recommend something like

What's that?

Most likely not, there's quite a lot of new hunter games, e.g.

It's not possible yet

The engine is here
Gameplay code is not public

The engine runs on Linux, there's just one issue with filesystem case-sensitivity which needs to be solved first. 

Will be fixed in next release


Not really surprising, nobody other than me uses it :D

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It does not support any mobile platform

Hi, VR is not my target, visual scripting maybe, but it's very low priority

It's missing VS runtime, probably this version: It should be automatically installed by but something probably went wrong.

Hi, I'm very sorry, but the tech is 64bit only.  If you can find somewhere, I recommend it very much. It's one of the best hunting games and it should run on 32bit. It used to be on steam, but I can't find it there anymore.


In fact linux version was already working, but one new feature was added and it's not ported yet.

Unfortunately licenses of some assets wont allow me to publish it as a demo in the engine.

I'm not sure I understand correctly, do you mean the text in the titlebar in a game?

Kludne posli cez Pouzivaju takzvane open revenue sharing, to znamena, ze ja si definujem, kolko ide im a kolko mne. Mam to nastavene na 10%. Urcite si zasluzia podiel za to, ze tu mozem hostovat.


Thanks for the report, what HW?

I'm probably not even fixing the bugs, since they are so funny :)

There is not a visual script. At least Lua is necessary. I am Slovak.

Thanks, I will try to replicate and fix the bugs in the video

Definitely no DRM, I do not like it as a player and I consider it counterproductive as a developer.