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It seems like i unable to download this game even though i dont think it eat up much space in my storage. It just automatically back install  mode even though i click it thousand times.  Currently using Windows 10 btw..

currently on windows 10

After installing it, it stating error unknown. Trying to re installing but the results still the same. Can't even start the game at all, please fix this

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Hi, first of all, i already played some of the character routes and almost done which is currently i'm in  Waltz  routes and  i havent got to played Fritz yet and i do think this game deserve a high merits by the way it was produced. The character built up, the protagonist background story,the arts and also how it was easy to understand the storyline is. I dont have any complaint by playing this game bcause i played Locked Heart before this, it was also great one. The issues that i've been wondering  right now suddenly the game crashed and  they uninstalled by themselves automatically which i swear i haven't done anything after i save a few chapter to played it back today. Then i tried to it install it back..numerous time and i experiencing download error which is i dont't understand why . Bummer i can't install it back like before. I want to finish the game  so badly T-T  can anyone tell me any good solution for this problem. Does the achivement and the saving  parts  that i get bfore it crashed will be there if i installed it back? 

Thank You 

Oh yeah i m using Window 10 on Acer

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yasss...finally a proper otome game is made..even tho it basicly from fairytale theme i just loved the art and the storyline its all beautifully made!! pleasee cant wait for the the full game release.. soon!!