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Yeah, that I understand, of course, I expected that kind of response, but you could include them  just for Joel's stream, (like you did with the Extreme Violence, the Fortnite dancing mods, etc...)  and not the official release , I feel that would be the best solution.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

Heya there, Kirilian! I just wanted to pop in over and say, this mod you've created is absolutely fantastic! Thank you so so much for creating it and sharing it with all of us! 

Also, I know you don't accept requests, but this is from already premade content so, maaaybe it doesn't count? 

I found a great Wesker clothing mod, a Jill Valentine clothing moda really tight Nintendo Switch mod, a Uno Card Mod  You could use in your latest mod release, and don't forget to link them in the shoutouts section as well