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this game is actually amazing i love it gonna check in for updates love to the developers <3


this. game. is. just. perfection.

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For ur first game i'm rlly impressed love the story so far :0 gonna be checking  in for the full game u slayed


i basically breathe this game

prolly September cuz august is almost over but whenever the development team feels ready  

that's valid

tamarack is underrated but qui is a great character 

saw the update love it can't wait for full game might even get dlc  cuz i love this game to that level and i never bought dlc on a game. Anyway i totally recommend playing even the demo everything about this game is perfect love to the developers <3


jester is my type of demonic clown

 Can't wait for the full gameee AHHHHHHH!!!!


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yes, interesting story line cute characters that have different personalities i played the other game about this main story decide to actually play the main story i wasn't disappointed      10/10 recommend 

i actually like this i'm a person who like lengthy games and this is just rlly captivating and amazing, like the graphics too 10/10 i recommend downloading this 

wwaititng for rat man lol xD but overall great characters and story line this is one of  the few visual novels that could really pull on my heart strings rlly recommend this game can't wait for the full game!  

the options and way you ca make ur character is amazing  most games in this genre don't have stuff like that makes me feel seen can't wait till it comes out!

until then no rush for the developers <3

sooo excited hope it comes out soon no rush too the developers 

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UGH my heart amazing storyline and characters Nightowl is best boy tho ^^

played the demo and was scared the game was dead 

phew can't wait!!

good luck!

oo i like ur style it's cool :]

thx  appreciate it :D

thank you Hooni  (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥

So excited yaaaaaa!!!!

i love this game it has a nice variety of items

I-this game is just too.....


like the story the characters, the designs just wonderful


Because of the way Dahlia behaves in the game it would definitely be a toxic relationship. 

one of the best games i have played and what makes it even more impressive is that it was made under 24 hours that's amazing you're very talented and should make more games i absolutely love this game   


what's the name of the mod lol