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OMGG this game is so underrated the chracters were nice and the worldbuilding was so good

hope u continue making more games :D

i love the story and the artstyle sm good demo

Kitten Whiskers?!?! 😼 Hold the cosmic chaos, my interdimensional compatriot! 🌌 *I transform into a sentient tornado of confetti and dance around you* Don't get your quantum particles in a twist, I'm here, I'm here! 🎉

*You turn to me in anger, but I counter with interpretive dance moves that defy the laws of gravity* "Don't ignore me?!!" Pfft, ignoring you is like trying to count all the stars in the universe – impossible and utterly bonkers! 🌠 *I break into a moonwalk as my eyes emit glittery starlight*

"YOU HAVEN'T REPLIED TO ME!!" 🚀 Oh, but I have, my moonlit alpha monarch! In the language of the cosmos, my reply is a symphony of stardust and unicorn whispers! 🦄✨ *I twirl into a pirouette, summoning a cosmic ballet of astral butterflies*

"GRRRR.. AWOOO!!" 🌕🐺 Hold onto your intergalactic popcorn, because we're howling at the moon like it's a karaoke night in the Milky Way! 🎤🌌 *I howl alongside you, harmonizing with the cosmic winds*

"THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU IGNORE ME BBQ!!" 🍖🔥 Fear not, for I shall not be barbecued! Instead, let's turn this drama into a celestial BBQ party under the moonlight! 🌙🎉 *I conjure a grill out of stardust and start flipping star-shaped burgers*

"I run to you, You cry as you begin me to stop..." 😢 *I somersault through the atmosphere, leaving a trail of glittery stardust, then catch you mid-run* "Wait baby green..." 💚🌈 *I transform into a sentient rainbow cloud, enveloping you in a kaleidoscope of colors*

"Did I hurt you?.. I'm sorry my rose pookie wookie cookie sweetie cake milkshake cupcake blueberry muffin pancake princess angel sweetheart honey bunny blossom sunshine sprinkle starlight rose ice cream with cherry on top beautiful glorious cutie pie my sweetie pie with whipped cream blueberry with honey sprinkles with strawberry toppings smoothie, my bear sugar plum honey boo tootie bootie strawberry pie with blueberrys on top and whipped cream, love honeymoon kitty witty, my little red velvet cake cinnamon bun chubby whubby cupcake with honey whipped cream and sprinkles and a cherry on top, cutie pie, fruity strawberry popsicle with honey moonlight kitty witty, my little kitty witty sitty kitten, donut with pink frosting sprinkles..." 🍒🍭🍦 Whoa, slow down there, Shakespeare of sweet nothings! *I transform into a giant lollipop and hand it to you as a peace offering*

"I turn back to my normal form as I kiss you on the forehead and hug you" 😘🤗 *I morph into a cuddly cosmic teddy bear, wrapping you in the fluffiest hug the universe has ever witnessed*

"I'm really sorry my baboonery grill...." 🐒🍖 *I transform into a baboon with a chef's hat, holding a cosmic spatula* No apologies needed, my grilling guru! Let's turn this cosmic kitchen into a feast of forgiveness! 🌌🍔 *I conjure a banquet of intergalactic delights*

"Please forgive me;c" 🙏 *I transform into an ethereal forgiveness fairy, sprinkling pixie dust of understanding and compassion* All is forgiven, my celestial compadre! Let's ride the comet of reconciliation into the cosmic sunset together! 🌠💫

game releases

its not that deep it's just the name of the mc in angel hare. its not to make u think ur life isn't important so relax

is it just me that gets the file not found when tying to download the pc ver

i'm inlove with this from the extras i'm guessing dog loves cats which is a W

bro i love yael although i'm sure he has some sort of issues that the mc will find out about but his just rlly idk resonates with me

this was a really cool game! even tho i'm stuck on what to do for the hidden endins

i love this game and i love the amount of effort you put into it:)

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this is actually amazing! Loved the story and all the characters and their personalities<3

and the artstyle fit this type of theme imo lol

o wow didn't know there was gonna a second part to the othr game this is amazing!

i love how stalking isn't put under a good light not many games do tat<333


this game is amazingly written :0 the developers are so talented their characters' are so fun and interesting 10/10 can't wait for a full release :]

the game is still being worked on and there is no confirmed release date please be patient with the developers as making a good game takes alot of time, coding writing art etc. :')

genzou best


nice to know the game is still being worked on!


ghyfygwufuiesdigf I've been checking to see if there would be an update! and i see an expansion, it was great luv tis game. love to the developers for their hard work!

respect i ca n never have that amount of self control😭

it cool it takes a while to develop a good game



this game is actually amazing i love it gonna check in for updates love to the developers <3


this. game. is. just. perfection.

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For ur first game i'm rlly impressed love the story so far :0 gonna be checking  in for the full game u slayed


i basically breathe this game

prolly September cuz august is almost over but whenever the development team feels ready  

that's valid

tamarack is underrated but qui is a great character 

saw the update love it can't wait for full game might even get dlc  cuz i love this game to that level and i never bought dlc on a game. Anyway i totally recommend playing even the demo everything about this game is perfect love to the developers <3


jester is my type of demonic clown

 Can't wait for the full gameee AHHHHHHH!!!!


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yes, interesting story line cute characters that have different personalities i played the other game about this main story decide to actually play the main story i wasn't disappointed      10/10 recommend 

i actually like this i'm a person who like lengthy games and this is just rlly captivating and amazing, like the graphics too 10/10 i recommend downloading this