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Updated to version 0.02 which  ...

Fixed the tree from being left clicked on.
Added in more direct logic to test for end of the game.

Welcome to Discovery RPG

Please leave your feedback, would love to hear from you.

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MY bad I read that as PlayMaker an rpg creator.  I am sorry.  I would have to defer to others on this.

Original Mistaken  message to follow:

It mentions all game engines and what not, so in my opinion that is legit.  Just using precode and packages are restricted.  HOWEVER as I am not familiar with this package, we have Text Mesh and such for Unity.  SO something similar would be good, but not a preset package such as an RPG starting kit or something.


  • All game engines (and frameworks) are allowed"

Would include Gudot, and many many many others.

p.s. I think in the general sense probably not, but we are in a new age of games and programming.   IE Bolt is a visual scripting language as well.

HOWEVER something like Dialog Creator or similar, unless that was your entire game, would be illadviced.  HOWEVER I am not  a fan of restricting someone if thats all they can do, just be up front and list out all the tools you used.  IE if someone new , who didn't know a programming language needed a tool to facilitate their game making skills, I would not object.  (Personally; In my humble opinion)

Not saying we should copy Ludam Dare, but having a list of say 10 themes or some such round voting, if at all possible would be a great idea, so we are not going in the Jam blind.

ALSO prob not sure, but I plan to have a project with TextMesh and what not ready to go, so I can better manage it.  Not sure what the rules  on this area, but I figure hour 0.1 will start coding, or dreaming up ideas like Quill does for a while.