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A member registered Jul 12, 2020

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this was fun, just fun.
some of the textures have glitches, but damn.
this was fun, great game!

damn I only got to 58 days :(
Graphics and general audio are great! 
only thing I could think is missing is a options menu for audio...
overall great game! 

Ok so, overall pretty good (it works so that's great already), but the thing is that there isn't really any satisfaction in getting one right or wrong (like a sound or camera shake). its a really cool idea and pretty creative!

also the barji voice is PERFECT

OK LISTEN, this game is hella hard, i like it, i finished it. but DAMN i almost raged quit around 20 times. good job tho, this is an extremely high level game and its kinda amazing that you got to finish it in a week!

The game is super addicting! I wish there was more levels.
Only problem is that sometimes the player didnt jump (without the cat) maybe it was just a "else if" or something but overall really good!
would really suggest continue making it if you want to

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The game was really fun but, i didnt find a use for the score? maybe i missed it, and all of the text in the score and such should have been a more fitting font.
over all it was really fun