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Michael Kirby

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There should be PDF versions, if not I can update that to include PDF ones too :)

Fun game, really love the art style! Once I understood how to play it I was on a roll. Excited to see how this project evolves over time with updates!  Molto bene!

Unfortunately not in this build, we got the gun to work just after the submission closed, but we hope to continue working on it after the rating period. Thank you the art was fun to work on.

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We are going to continue to work on it and add in features we had to cut, so after the rating and submission period is over there will be a new version that will be  playable in the browser. It was defiantly crazy to say the least lol.

Thank you Dindi, yeah unfortunately the  gun stopped working before the submission, so we had to hand it in as it is. Me and my team mates are going to continue to work on this as we all really liked the concept and there are few features that were cut from the submission, that we would love to add back in.

Hi thank you, hope you guys enjoyed it!

Hi thank you, I am glad you enjoyed it! Love your gameplay video 😊

I really enjoyed your  game! The visuals are pleasing to the eyes, the music suits the gameplay. The only thing feedback I can give  to you, is to either have  a tutorial level or have the triangles after the first set not move, as a new player I just found it challenging and it took  me a while to get use to it. Other than that it was great experience and has a lot of potential, I look forward to seeing where you take this game.