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Thank You Walt Destler The Game Works For Me Now.

Now I Just Got To Remember That I Cant Install New Updates In The Game

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ok ill will try to do that. I'll let you know if it works

Man This Kind of Sucks. I Installed The New Update. (Cosmoteer 0.12.9) Then For some Reason I Cant Play The Game Anymore. I Tried To Uninstall It Then I Reinstall It. Still Wouldn't Work. Went To The Program Folders. Looking For The Cosmoteer Folder. Tried To Delete It But Wont Let Me. Like It Wont Delete The Old Cosmoteer.exe File. It Says That I Need Permission To Delete it.

I Love This Game. I Wanted To Do A Series For My Channel. Cant Really Do That Now. Hope You Can Help Me To Fix This Problem

If You Would Like To See My Channel Here It Is.