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I will try, thanks for doing that. I have no doubt this is something exclusive to me, lol. 

Sorry to be a bother, but I'm getting this error when I try to run the script. 

My Aseprite is  V1.3-rc4-x64

You're a living legend Kacper!

Thank you so much for being awesome!

Thanks for the reply, I will do so! I'd value your input. This script is so incredible. Just heading to bed now, but will send it to you to check out on the morrow. (In the meantime I just reversed the frames, but still, would like to know what I was doing wrong.) 

Been using this tool successfully for ages, love it. Lately though having a funny issue, no matter what I do, I cannot get my train to go from right to left. It insists on only going from left to right, (no matter where I put the white pixel.) Cant work out what I'm doing wrong.  

This is sorcery!! :D

Thank you for bringing yourself into our lives.

Another amazing extension. I found that Aseprite kind of had something like this...but it seems to be quite temperamental; to the point of it not really being viable. This is perfect. 

No rush at all, thanks for the reply!

Can't see how to send a pm? lol.  But I'm running an i5 6500 and I have a geforce  GTX 1060 6gb

Sure, will do!

Downloaded the 64 version, it opens to a blank white screen (with the apps logo visible) and then closes again.  Really do want to try this out. Any ideas? 

Very nice work Ken! Having fun messing with this. The import/export functions are great. 

You could draw your shape in a pixel program and export it as a png, then open with Kenshape and start extruding. Been working like a charm for me. 

Right, but I create my own art though. ;) Will be watching the development of this app with interest.

Is there an export/packaging option for the completed projects or do the games remain web based?

This looks really cool, going to check it out, thanks for making it available!

Nice one! Will check it out today!

Understood, good luck with it, looking forward to seeing it develop. I still recommend it regardless. 

This is an awesome pixel program. I really love how you handle the animation. I really want to get more into it, I'm having a hard time dropping in or opening a sprite in .png format though. I do it and the app has no reaction.