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Mikas Eidukas

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1.3 was uploaded for continuity's sake, but 1.4 is out! A much better look of the game, with more working mechanics (if unclear, the healthbars are the healths of both sides of the map, they're supposed to stop when the players enters them, and drop faster when the enemy is in the areas, game ends when both sides are 0).

The game itself still isn't there, need to add a game over screen, but other than that and a pause menu, it's pretty much done in it's simplest form!

Version 1.2 is out! Added a rain effect (will improve looks), Base layers for the environment (details will slowly be added), Figuring out how to set both sides of the map to have their own health bars (thus the appearance of the health bar in the top left corner at the moment). Hope to add a lot more things, looking forward to seeing what people think when it gets better :D

Currently as of the 11th of February, the game is just a test world to import animations and testing of colliders. No mechanics have been implemented, other than the player movement. Will update as I go along