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I am having an issue with the gun. It only fires once then wont fire. Shows I have ammo though. If I put the gun away and take it back out it goes from 14 to 0 on the remaining shells.

Thank you for another update.

Found a bug in the Holodexxx with some of the save stations not working. Here is a video trying to use them.

All is good now!! I think there was a steam vr update going in the background. The wastelands look awesome!!!

Thank you for the update. Looking forward to the next one!!

Its when walking. It happened in new Kawloon and the club district just walking down the street. Flying was fine. It was almost like frame drops or slow motion. I have re booted and re downloaded. Ill check it again tomorrow and see if it still happens. Thanka again for the quick response.

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Hi Thank you for the update. I have a question. I can not find the new wastelands area.How do I find it. Also I am experiencing stuttering when moving forward in this update. Did not due this in any of the other versions.

I'm using Rift S. PC is I9 9900K, Asus maximus XI, Asus tuf 3090 oc, 64 gig corsair 3200 mem.  Thank you!

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Correction on issue with glove. This happened at the Quarter master. Right glove stopped selecting in menu and hud. Left hand stopped working in firing range. I exited the game completely and they both worked until I went back to the quarter master. Right stopped working but left continued to work. Right glove worked again when in the AutoNav location. I have video of this if you would like to see it.

Having issue where my right glove stops selecting choices. some times its both and I have to restart the game to correct this. Happened after the physic exam and couldn't leave the area. using Rift S on I9 9900k with asus maximus XI hero mb. Loving the progress on this. Thank you.

Thank you .

I cant find the android underground area or where the sewer is in the club district. Any help would be great.