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jap :)

It should be back up soon, sorry about that!

How did you use the nav & transit? Maybe you forgot to hit the '#' after inputting the code!


Yeah part of the helicopter sequence is related to that. But really (and this is getting very semi-philosophical), it sort of tries to dig deep into the relentless effort that goes into starting a war in the first place. All of the apartment buildings are perfectly aligned in the grid, and nobody attempts to stop the game in any manner.

You can imagine the initial construction that took place before the game even started. Mountains of concrete and rebar trucked on to site and constructed into buildings, while nobody stopped to think or even protest to whether or not it is worth it.

This is a very artsy game compared to releases like 'Carbon Steel' or 'Buckshot Roulette' in the sense that the core gameplay is just a means to an end. It's really more of an experience, so I really appreciate your analysis!

Thank you! This one was made in Unity.

Glad you liked it. This game's overall atmosphere was very much inspired by the relentless nature of military organizations!

Is this the double or nothing mode?

Make sure the title screen says "v1.1" in the bottom left. If it's v1.0 you'll have to install the latest version.

I also encountered this when trying it out. Decided to keep it in because it doesn't seem to break any systems and adds a bit of interesting variety.

Thanks got it, appreciate the help!

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Ah, interesting. I think I managed to recreate it. Do you mean when the player dies and gets returned to the restroom?

Was this in the hotfix?

Did this happen after you pressed 'Yes'?

Thanks there will be a hotfix up in a few minutes

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Thanks for the feedback, I'll see if I can make it a bit smoother.

I do not handle the transactions so unfortunately can't help with downloads being unavailable after purchases.

If you e-mail with your purchase information (I believe it does not matter which e-mail you send it from), then they can help you with the issue. 

Hi, this is the official page of the game.

Hi, could you try right-clicking on the arrow in the top right of the page next to your name, and then navigate to 'My Library'? It should be visible there. Additionally you can try downloading the itchio app.

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Hi, what makes you think this is a scam?

Hi, if you have issues with payment please contact

From this link you can download the 'vulkan_test.exe' below, which will show you if your hardware supports it.

Glad to hear that!

If you're on Windows then choose the first download, right-click it and then Extract. After that, just open up the .exe file. You can also download the itchio app and run it from there.

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Hey, what issue are you having with the game?

Hey, download the .zip file and then extract it. You can also use the itchio app to run the game.

Interesting, thanks for letting me know. Will look into it

Yes it seems the main reason is that the graphics card does not support Vulkan, which is common in older graphics cards. I do apologize that this was not mentioned earlier, as I was only recently made aware of the compatibility issues.

If you'd like you can request a refund through itchio support. Sorry again for the trouble.

Hey, can you try running the game from the itchio app?

Sorry about that. Could you please specify your graphics card?

Can you please send your system specs?

Cool thanks for sharing.

Hey thanks! And yes it is possible to kick down more than 2 doors.

Hey sorry to hear that! Did you extract the .zip before opening it?

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Hey sorry to hear that! Did you extract the .zip before opening it?

Hey! I am currently getting the soundtrack wrapped up. Will be up in the next 12 hours or so :).

Awesome thanks for playing! Spoilers below ...

Kicking down doors is one of the stats that affects your final score (only if you've kicked down more than 2), so it is not exactly an end game gag. If you die and get revived in the bathroom, you will kick down more doors meaning you lose more money the more you kick.

Ah thanks so much! Glad you liked it :)

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Thank you :). Happy to hear you enjoyed it! Definitely try out Inscryption by Daniel Mullins on Steam. I think you'll love it!