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Great update Nicu - again thank you so much! Best turned based strategy game on the internet.

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First half-year of the war


June  22 1941 December 31 1941

The player can pick 3 campaigns. Each offering the same amount of scenarious as their were Panzer Groups in each Army Group.

1. Army Group North

  • Panzergruppe 4

2. Army Group Center

  • Panzergruppe 2
  • Panzergruppe 3

3. Army Group South

  • Panzergruppe 1

On top of that; THANK YOU for an excellent game.

Thank you once again Nicu. Awesome update!

Thanks, ill try it out.

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I dont get the scenario Rostov Defense. My entire army was wiped out! They just kept comming, even after the 15 turns had passed?

I reloaded and cheated this time, not deploying with the restrictions. However, here too the scenario is really hard and although I have been able to counter attack and destroy god knows how many Red Army units.

Where is that reinforcement hex located?

I have captured all flags on the map now, destroyed all Red Army units, nothing happens. It is turn26 out of 15? No road block or anything.

Thanks for the tip and the link. Ill try to use the same tactic next time. However I am only playing on Historical, so not sure if it will be doable?

I think its a good idea to have scenarios where you can loose, but the player should be given a retreat option in case casualties gets too high and victory is in no sight. In fact what I like about your game is its graphics, UI and difficulty. The Ardenne campaign is a great example.; no starting prestige points and only a few reinforcements., plus the US opponent is putting up both a strong defense and counter attack.

Question. Would it be possible to script the AI to not move any infantry unit out of a big flag hex? When it does, it generally lose that flag in my next turn. 

"Re: "Das Reich" - Rise And Fall, Para's CC16 @100%
Postby Parabellum » 08 Sep 2018, 23:26

4 Closing in on Dunkirk lttv

I crawl on the gum. The enemy is far superior in numbers, has OS and a high entrenchment - a BV far, far away."

Reading Parabellums post I can only say that it was on the map Closing in on Dunkirk, were I finally understood that Tanks and vehvichles need to fight up front, while your INF and ART are mopping in the rear. On this map I managed to achieve a BV. After two or three tries that is. So it was not easy. Love it. 

Thank you for a great game. It has a lot of potential. 

Great game. Love it. 

Took me a while to understand that Panzers need to stay ahed, while the infantry and drawn artillery do to mop up in the rear. 

In the Kempf campaign you put in a training scenario, Unternehem Selöve, against an italian AI. This scenario is far too dificult. You dont have the prestige to buy enough bombers to take out the italian fleet. I lost 3/4 of my core team on the sea.

Idea for a solution: 

When the scenario is complete you need to give back all the lost units. So the player still has his core team. After all it is only a training scenario. Make it into a bonus level, where you can get some more prestige and then make the next scenario more difficult. 

Otherwise a great game. Thank you!