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Hey scottwowlf, thank you so much for your interest, I'll contact you in private asap!

Thank you! Super happy to know that you enjoyed the game, in case you have some specific advice please feel free to add me on Discord!

Hey Dustymeteor, follow the map quest indicator, or contact me in private on Discord!

Hey pokachu, thanks for the appreciation :)
The game runs on GB but (like every GB game made in the last 20 years) it is not approved by Nintendo to run there, it is approved by them only on Nintendo Switch.
To run in vertical mode on Switch just flip the device ;) 

Yes, final reveal from the boss is unlocked if you do 100%, also he will give you an additional choice... can't say more!

Hey DelPonte, you have no idea how I feel happy about what you said about the story!

Did you played the game on physical cartridge?

Yes there are alternative endings... if you do 100% on collectibles you will got different choises to do and more explanations from the final boss, and if you do 0% on the collectibles AND you never upgrade your gun and armor you have another post credit sequence... (in that case you can still collect the shield and upgrade it to make everything more simple).

Thanks for the trust! I'm already working on something  ;)

¡Tu inglés es mejor que mi español!

Hola Patrick, ¡muchas gracias por tu interés en mi juego! Por el momento no tengo planes de traducirlo al español también, pero por si alguien quiere ayudarme con la adaptación en diferentes idiomas algún día lo podría hacer con mucho gusto


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Hey Rubentetro, nope TT I have only itch but please add me on Discord if you like!

THis is top notch stuff! keep up the good work!

Hey NielsNL, there is some delay from the distribution part, I'll do a post here as soon as 2021:ME will be available, thanks for your patience! (99.9% Q1 of 2023)

Hopefully before 2023 (finger crossed) the game is done 99.9999% I'm waiting for confirmation of the physical release date from the publisher to sync both  releases... Thanks you for your interest!

Thank you for your feedback and for your time!

Hi Eric, thanks for the interest! At the end of November we will go with the official release for both physical and digital version!

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Hi Hohenstaufer, thank you so much for the appreciation it means a lot to me :)

Yes the respawn is totally intended, there are gameplay and narrative reasons for that! In 2021: Moon Escape I tried to create a gameplay that push the player to do ammo and life management as much as possible, sometimes kill an enemy could not be your best option... but they could spawn life recharge if they die! So you have endless life sources but limited bullet. Additionally in every moment you can teleport back to your ship from the map menu section and fully recharge ;) 

This mechanic anyway could be used to your advantage sometimes... because you can have control on the position of the enemy - I will say no more ;)

Hi Ganonderp, thanks for your interest :)

The link to buy the rom version will be there in a couple of months, in the meantime you can reach me on Discord if you wish to test the full game! (its in final polishing state)