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Mike Yamato

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Hopefully before 2023 (finger crossed) the game is done 99.9999% I'm waiting for confirmation of the physical release date from the publisher to sync both  releases... Thanks you for your interest!

Thank you for your feedback and for your time!

Hi Eric, thanks for the interest! At the end of November we will go with the official release for both physical and digital version!

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Hi Hohenstaufer, thank you so much for the appreciation it means a lot to me :)

Yes the respawn is totally intended, there are gameplay and narrative reasons for that! In 2021: Moon Escape I tried to create a gameplay that push the player to do ammo and life management as much as possible, sometimes kill an enemy could not be your best option... but they could spawn life recharge if they die! So you have endless life sources but limited bullet. Additionally in every moment you can teleport back to your ship from the map menu section and fully recharge ;) 

This mechanic anyway could be used to your advantage sometimes... because you can have control on the position of the enemy - I will say no more ;)

Hi Ganonderp, thanks for your interest :)

The link to buy the rom version will be there in a couple of months, in the meantime you can reach me on Discord if you wish to test the full game! (its in final polishing state)