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Hey, Frost.

You say that you give pre-access of certain things (like pictures, test..) for those who become patreon.

I want to help on your works. I'm waiting Chapter 2 since a year now (don't worry, take your time :p ) and so I want to encourage your works with a patreon. Plus, i'm really happy than you still continue the dev and not despair because of time or whatever !

But, please... if I become a patreon.. can you just send me nothing ? I just don't want to be spoil on anything ^^'

I jJust want to help you as more as i can and discover the surprise one day :) (I just hope that Jilly will always stay with Matt !)


Hey ! This game is so awesome !! At the beginning we could think "oh it s like many of others games" but.. when I discover the story and the characters. I was so impressed ! Thank you ! I have to say that all the characters are awesome, all with their own personality and desire. I confess that I particulary love Jilly (..what ? is that strange to feel something for a character ?? :p) Her joy, her kindness and the description of her excitation about adventure make me so happy to see her in the story ! Will you remake an "Valentin's day event" in order to send a letter to Jilly ? :p (Yes, i am really Role-play man)

I have to confess that it was quite... heartbreaking to re-make the game for unlock all the scenes with Tari ( I love this characters too ^^) but.. these scenes needed to be mean with Jilly.. ^^' 

I wait with impatience the chapter 2 !

Bye from France ! Thanks again for your works