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Nice! This one might be a nice one released as a Godot tutorial or example (I know it's currently in Unity) if you ever find the time...

Looking great!

I think it's just because the circle is non shaded while the sprites are .  As for the player death, I think just a bigger particle effect would help - currently you kind of see the player disappear (and because of the collision detection sometimes the bullet didn't even officially hit the body) so if you cover it with a bigger "explosion" it might work, or dropping some sort of corpse or skull or something might work too.

Also the powerups don't seem to match the graphics of the rest of the game - maybe a shaded orb or something...

Good fun - but I think you should make the hitbox smaller on your hero - and also when he does maybe do some bigger particles and a skeleton or something - I noticed a couple of times I didn't even notice getting hit.

Reminds me of good ol' BBS days

This is so extremely well made! The sound/music is amazing and I got sucked in from the moment I turned it on! Just brilliant!

You had over $100 to buy I RG351, and you're complaining about $15?

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Wow this is really cool - this was so much fun I would love a full game of it!

The splore version does not seem to work in pico-8 0.2.1b. Crashes with a runtime error.

Just got my RG350M - so gonna try this :)

That would be great!

Corona SDK? Are you still using that?

G1337 RISKY community · Created a new topic Love this!

So fun

This looks like a great idea for a mobile game!