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Mika Mix

A member registered May 12, 2020

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Congrats for getting it done!!! Can't wait to play. You should be exceptionally proud for finishing a project like this. (And if it doesn't feel like it right now, thats okay too. Pride may take some time to manifest. =)) And please don't listen to the haters. What does it matter, that you had some difficulties and release took a while longer? So we, the players, have it now to enjoy. Yey! Big picture and all that. =) Sending lots of love and good feelings.

No, I didn't think of that. *facepalm* Thank you.

Can't download the file... =( =(

My thoughts exactly... :D

Really liked Bastien and the chemistry between Ian and him.  Always in for a grump and sunshine story. =)

Worked perfectly well! Thanks again! Sorry to bother you with another question... Is it possible to download the Rin-DLC-file on its own? So far I only found it combined with the game file.

Thank you so much for the quick reply . I'll try that! 

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How can I play the DLCs on Steam? I always get an Error Message when I try to start both of the DLCs (not available in your country). I'm a backer and I would love to play the DLCs, but I don't want to spend another 40 Bucks on the Itch files...

Wow! This VN is exceptional on every level: story-telling, character developement and world building, art, voice acting. Cant remember ever coming across something like this. I love all the characters, the humor, the storyline... Fantastic job! Im looking forward to its full release sooo much!

Thanks for giving us such an extensive demo btw!