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Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A very late review but I did love the game!

I played this game during spooktober and it was a great demo and I LOVED IT! I downloaded the game because of the pretty pastel pink aesthetic and I do not regret it at all. I love this game so much that I can’t wait for the full release of the game! It’s one of the cutest horror rpg game I’ve seen. The visuals is amazing, the music is beautiful and calming (I almost forgot it was a horror game at one point lol). I’m excited to see more of what you do and I’m followed at your twitter and the updates just gets me excited~ Thank you for the beautiful demo!! I suggested this game to my viewers and friends and they can say the same when I said this was a game to look forward to~

Five Stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You did an awesome job for it being your first game. The funny and childish dialogue might throw people off, but it made me laugh while playing it. I can see your potential on making amazing horror rpg games and I look forward to your future works! Thank you for this cute game.

PS. The character designs? chefs kiss

I came for the cute bunny and stayed for the creepiness. It’s a good short creepy game, it’s really cute! I hope my gameplay did your game justice. I love how you made the game, and I look forward to playing your other games!

You did a great job! ♡

Its been a while since I played this and I am planning on streaming this game for Halloween Stream Event next week hehe. Also looking forward to seeing the updated character sprites~

((will make the video public tomorrow but wanted to give my review here first))

This game was beautifully made! After reading the description of the game and how it was a type of game that is heavily driven by the choices you make it made me curious and eager to try it out myself. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint me at all. I fell in love with the game startig from the beautiful artstyle, the soothing kalimba music playing in the background and how you’ve written the pov of someone in grief and the possible scenarios that could happen. I enjoyed the game so much and I’m sorry for the long overdue review.

You all did an amazing job! ♡​​

IM ALWAYS OBSESSED WITH YOUR GAMES!!! Ill download this one immediately ahsdkjahsdjkahsdjl I will always be looking forward to your future games~

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I love this game!!!

I tried it out immediately when I saw it on my feed. The art style was so nice and the soundtrack was just amazing and how the melody is resonates with the scenes and the story and writing was just chefs kiss!! I love every detail of the game even the comedy bits here and there. I have to say I deeply relate to Momo so much and I’m so glad to watch and read the good ending for her. I’ve already recommended this game to a few of my friends to try out

The game made me cry a couple of times while playing it, especially by the end. It is really REALLY good! Thank you so much for producing these games that just makes me happy from playing them!! I look forward to your next works!!

This was a nice short read! It did make me sad thinking I may lose the friends that I have now (mainly because I met most of them online and we’re from different countries) but I do love to cherish the short moments I have with them.


I’m so glad my friend recommended me to play this heartfelt game because I am in love with the message of taking a step back and appreciating the little things around me. It’s a very heartwarming message to share especially when this was made during the pandemic. The visuals is hands down amazing, the soft colors is what made first caught my eye but how you drew each scene just made my heart melt, especially during the scene with Mel and Junie’s phone call. The writing was nicely done and I can see people relating to how Mel would feel. The ending honestly made me tear up a bit because of how much I relate to Melody’s current situation.

I’m looking forward to your future projects and I’ll definitely be supporting you! ​♡

THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! I’ll be playing this when I get home asjdhaksjda

This is the second game I’ve played that you made and I enjoyed it. I love how you involved students to color your games, and honestly the art is beautiful and a unique take when playing the game. I love how you incorporated puzzles in the game, I did have a hard time in one of them since I’m not that knowledgeable in the Japanese language but it was still fun to play. In the end it was a great and beautiful game to play. It had an interesting story and it was fun to venture in the environment. I’m looking forward to playing your other games! I hope you make more games like this one. 💖​​​​​

oh this seems like a cute concept! can’t wait to play and try it out!!

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Five Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

This is the second game I’ve played from 4noki and as always I love the way it was written. I loved how it all came together. I’m also hoping there will be a sequel or continuation to see the outcome of the new loop from the ending! I hope there’s a way to rescue the supposed “villainess”. I want the lady to have her happy ending huhuhu. Anyways you did an amazing job! ♡​​​​

WOAAAH!! I just saw this on my feed. I’ll be downloading this. 💖💖💖 I’m excited to meet the new characters!!!

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Five Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A short visual novel story type game and I enjoyed playing! Honestly I clicked expecting a cute and hopeful ending only to have my heart broken (but it was a good read). The writing was beautiful and it did tear my up in the end, I was having a hard time holding back my tears while playing and recording the game. I love how we get interpret what Riko was supposed to say (in the block text).

You’ve created a beautifully-written visual novel and I’m honestly looking forward to your future works.

i’m about to download this game, can’t wait to try it out!

This and the characters looks really cute! I’ll download and try it out ( >ω< )

I made a video of me playing the game!

I immediately fell inlove with the art, the music, the colors, the overall atmosphere of the game was beautiful. You did a good job in portraying the fear of someone’s love that they’ll leave and never get the chance to speak to them again. I really love how you shared and wrote the story and I will be looking forward to playing your other games!

I did a lil gameplay- but here comes my review!

Five Stars!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It’s a cute short game to play and I enjoyed trying to get the other endings! Thank you for making such a cute game and I’ll be checking out your other games as well~ ヾ(≧▽≦*)o


I’m happy that I got the marriage ending it was just adorable!

I just tried this game out, I love it!

Hello! I played your game and it was really cute! I know this was just an April Fool’s joke of a game it was actually entertaining to play. Petition for merch art please LOL.

I’m glad I discovered your game going to be trying out your other games in the future!

I fell in love with other of Angela He’s work, and this one is added to the list. This was a fun game to discover especially during pride month. The art, the music, everything was hands down 10/10. It’s a beautiful game and the story that it tells can be related with irl struggles in relationships.

I’m glad I found this game, and I’m looking forward to new games by the creator!

This is a cute point and click game, I love the concept of cute games having a dark turn in the end. The first ending I got was surprisingly the “secret” or “best” ending my friends said which was found by complete ACCIDENT (watch the video on how it happened). I will be supporting and following the devs for their future projects and hoping the best for them.


This was an insanely cute web browser game! I recorded myself playing it~ Also waffles supremacy hihi! <3

AAAAA THIS IS SO SAD AND WHOLESOME! Overall: I love the game. It’s a nice short game to play at night when I’m bored. I’m looking forward to seeing more games made by the developer.

let me continue the sad chain mii sad mii sad mii sad

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The game was visually cute to the eye, it gave me the wholesome and fluffy vibe to it. The story as well was straight to the point which was to find a girlfriend! The game was overall adorably cute and would give you diabetes on how sweet the characters are, it was cuteness overload! I’m glad I found this gem of a game and I’m looking forward to supporting the creator!


The game was overall interesting from the start to finish. It was fun for me to stream and my viewers loved the game as well!

The game was short, but it was well paced and doesn’t have a lot of ‘idle time’. I love the added elements of suspense in the game (it did scare me a bit when he’d come close to the screen).

I love the art, the music, the overall aspect and challenges in the game, especially when it purposely crashed the game in one of the routes scared me a bit there.

I’m looking forward to your next projects and I’m definitely supporting you!

This game looks really cool! I’ll be trying this out on my stream next week <3 I’ll try and give a review about it!

WOAAAAH THIS LOOKS REALLY GOOD! I’ll be streaming this on my yt next week <3

So far I’ve definitely taken a liking to this game. I’m looking forward to you completing the game or remastering the game! I’d be supporting it. The art was visually pleasing, the music was good, the story so far was interesting and I’d love to get to know the character more! I’ll be uploading a video of my perspective playing it with my own comments.

Keep up the good work! I’ll be following you and looking forward with your future works!

My Experience: I had an error on my end from the music/volume of the game, so that is my mistake on my end.

But while playing the game I was very much invested with the story! The game was very well written, the art was amazing (fell in love Waite because of the white haired boy + tsun personality) and I’m looking forward to a Sequel or remastered version of the game! If there will be one I’ll be sure to play/stream it again and support your works!

This game is so cute! I’ll be streaming the game this week~ I’ll be looking forward to playing this game, can’t believe I just saw this now ;n;

I always look forward to your games <3 This is extremely cute and yes we should always read the read me file before playing.

I’ll be making a recording a review and gameplay about it in my channel! Thank you for this cute game! Please watch and subscribe! I do streams~

This game is hands down something I’d support. I played this game on stream and with the help of the creator she stopped by and guided me to get the other endings!

Let’s talk about the art, it’s the first thing that drew me in to playing the game. It’s cute and you can see the effort they made into making the characters and the different atmosphere in the houses.

Let’s talk about the story, it’s very interesting and there were a lot of references from different games and such. I love the cute vibe at the start and slowly while playing the game and getting to know the character you play Veronikka and the kinds of people she associate with makes you question on what the ending could be (and yes it gets dark).

My overall opinion. I would rate this game 10/10. It’s art was great. It’s story concept was great. and I’d recommend this to my friends who’s a fan of cute dark horror! I’ll be looking forward for the creators next games!

I JUST UPLOADED THE VIDEO! Thanks for the gameplay! I can’t wait for your future projects. I’ll leave you a follow~

Watch the video before I post it live! Please leave a comment, subscribe, and like~

My Experience: The game had a wholesome point of view, I really like this , coming from someone that had lost their dog years ago seeing this really warmed my heart. He/she was a good doggy. I love the barking aspect as well, I can bark everywhere I go hehe. I’ll be following you and also checking out your other games! Keep up the great work devs! :D​


THIS IS SUCH A CUTE GAME BUT IT BREAKS MY HEART TO PIECES! I love the concept and story of this game, as someone who’s a big fan of taking care of animals (especially cats). It breaks my heart but it feels great to help all those cats be saved from starvation in the apartment, I wish the best for all the cats in the game and of course props to the developers! They did a great job warming the hearts of everyone that played this game. I am looking forward to seeing their future projects!

PS. This is why you don’t keep bookshelves and read books. Reading = Bad JUST KIDDING!