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good for you! and i am sorry for sounding very rude on your comments.

i think I was drunk or something

yes, it only contains the bsp files (basically the map files) and text instructions.

you don't knew an emulator, you just need half-life 2!

this game is low effort, what do you expect?

now shut the fuck up

The sequel will never happen!


2 endings, i know only 2, you can play the original hack3rman

Basically Aim Lab but cheap

please note: this game is low effort, that's all lol

Basically every flash "game" ever





Very Nice Game

It reminds me of GTA 2. but more pixalted

so you're asking for it to be harder?

challenge accepted

ok, first,

do you have half life 2? if not then you might not

if you do I might do a video tutorial, I'm currently busy so yeah

well, you should see the readme file when installing source playground

there you will find instructions.

if it's not clear reply back and I might just help you out.

technically yes, i can port the map to Half-Life 2 Deathmatch so you can shoot each other and troll your friends however idk if it will work so I might try testing.

Thank You

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Hello There!

Edit: The Game has been updated.

Yes, we're working on the fix

instead, when you right-click you will be greeted with a cheater room.

and new main menu music soon.

Thank you for the feedback and this will be the last time MAZE Will be updated.

this game is ENDLESS

oh and the game is more of a joke so expect nothing there

The game is play on browser but you can play an .html file of the game and its size is 2MB.

Thank you!

Level 2 is out and now in 2nd place in popularity

it was made in wick.

Number 1 in popularity, lets go.

DOS Means Disk Operating System

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I Just updated the game because there are bugs, i had to fix them

I Hope updating the game when the game has been submitted is allowed.

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