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Hello. Thank you (sincerely) for taking the time to report this issue. However, this is a game that I made when I was 16 years old — just nearly 10 years ago at this point.

It’s frankly a small miracle that the game works at all: I remember looking at the source code a couple of years after publishing the game, and finding that the code that determined the victor in the event of a collision wasn’t doing anything too logical.

In any case, I think it still came out nicely; you’ll find I haven’t made anything as big or as successful since. But it is ten years old at this point, it came out when Windows 8 was the latest thing, and it has done all it could do, I think.

I don’t even have the source code for this game anymore. (Not at hand, at least, I think I know where I could go dig for it.)

What I’m saying is that I feel old, and that I ought to have reached some sort of statute of limitation, but if I stumble upon the source code for the game in my backups hard drive, I’ll take a look.

Best, Miguel

Thank you for the reply!

I couldn't find the message in GUIDE.txt, ended up deleting everything manually. Please consider adding a separate file workflow as an option, and/or a way to delete everything.

Thank you again for your work!

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Hi! I've been using TAPE and I really like the simplified workflow/aesthetic, but I wish it were more modular on the tasks, i.e., I could have a collection txt file for one project, and a different txt file for another project.

Currently, if I drag a txt file onto TAPE, it just accumulates the project tabs, rather than replacing them. I also couldn't find any easy way to clear TAPE of all tabs.

Also: is there any way to push a task to the top of a collection?

Thanks for your work!

@louck Sorry to hear that. The palettes are actually random(-ish), fetched from the top rated palettes in COLOURlovers. You'll probably get a different color if you refresh.

I'll add a warning.

Fun! Adding height to it would really improve the dogfight experience imo, but other than that, it's a very solid game.

Haha, I'm very bad at the game.

Nonetheless, very nice take, true game in 64x64!

Fixed (y)