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Where do I even begin here? At first I thought this would be some cheesy retro horror title, but I was completely wrong. This game is best described as a narrative masterpiece which in a way forces the player to dive into the mind of an artist.  While on this journey, the visuals immerse you deep into perception and perspective. I haven't experienced anything like this. And I thank you developer for sharing this with the world. You are an artist.

Well done dev! You mentioned at the end of the game that this is the final product. I'd like to suggest that before you continue on with any future projects, that you build on what you've got here. There is a lot of potential and I know that you're capable of making this better than it already is. Either way, I look forward to what you make in the future.

Holy crap what an incredible game! This had me laughing and sweating the entire time. Excellent work devs. Can't wait for the full release!

This developer was born to create and deliver these amazing games. I really hope he continues to do what he loves, because it definitely

shows in his work. 10/10

Awesome work! I was really surprised with the progression of the story.  

Thank you Bob for the great scare!

Well done!! I will never mock

disclaimers ever again. Good luck with your future endeavors, M23BobGames

This was a very unique and unexpected experience!

 Can't wait to see what else you can come up with.

I'm so glad I came across this! You guys are so damn hilarious. Keep it comin.

I had a really good time with this. Looking forward to the full release!