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Considering this is the developer's first game, it's actually pretty good. Short and to the point, with effective jumpscares. My only criticism, and this may just be a personal thing, but the game is a tad bit too loud. Besides that, really well done. Great job, dev!

I understand this was made in just 24 hours, but I really wish there was more to do. That said, it was a pretty decent short horror experience with an original concept. Well done, dev.

Considering that this game was made in just 24 hours, it's really well polished. Short and sweet, and it has me even more excited for Choo Choo Charles. Well done dev!

I remember enjoying the demo a whole lot. Now that the full release is out, I can honestly say that I'm enjoying the hell out of it so far. It's a refreshing alternative from your average and overdone horror game experience, which is always a must have. Well done, dev!

Like the well known Scott Watson Test, this experience gave a familiar and unsettling chill. Much of that feeling is because of the analog aesthetic, which is an excellent touch. Though the images were indeed creepy, I felt that the overall experience lost it's momentum, as there wasn't much added to it. In the end, the experience ironically left me with an unfulfilled desire for fear.

This experience really took me by surprise, not only with the jumpscares, but with the different styles of gameplay. Like a 2D super mario game, except Mario is a badass with a speargun, and the goombas are terrifying sea creatures. Well done, dev! I hope you raise enough for a full release.

It's refreshing to see new concepts like this brought into the horror genre. The jumpscares are subtle yet effective and the ending really took me by surprise. Well done, dev! 

I had an absolute blast with this game. It's everything I imagined a scenario like this would be and then some. Quirky creepyness of a FNAF game, and a setting that felt like BioShock. Great job dev! Jim Henson would be so proud.

The concept can be tricky to execute well, but the dev does it perfectly and apparently in only 36 hours. Considering that and how short this experience is, I can't even imagine what this dev can come out with in the future. Well done!

Wow! What an incredible experience. The fact that the dev goes to say that this is just a concept clearly shows that they have talent. A well thought out story with a creepy unsettling to match, this is a must play. Well done, dev!

I had a fun time with this P.T. styled experience. The visuals are really well made and the zoom in feature is really clean. The one glaring thing missing from this is any sort of story or narrative. With everything that's going on, it just begs for any answers. Overall, it's a great first attempt for this new indie horror dev. Well done!

Everything from the sickening yellow walls to the flickering of the fluorescent lights, this experience perfectly captures what's said in the stories as well as the found footage video. The tension is palpable and the atmosphere is most unsettling. Well done dev!

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This was a wild ride that can be confusing at some points, but in a great way. Instead of trying to understand it, just let it happen. It is your fate anyways. Overall, this experience is very creative, unique, and of course disturbing at some moments. Well done, dev!

Short, creepy, and to the point. This game proves that you don't need so much padding and filler to tell a horror story. My only criticism is that the mouse sensitivity is a little too high. Besides that, it's a decent experience. Well done, dev!

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I'm a huge fan of the camera feature and it really got me in panic mode. My only criticism is perhaps giving directions in game, as it's pretty unclear what to do. That said, can't wait for a full release. Well done, dev!

As a fan of the SCP universe, this is the first time I've seen this creature which is in a way refreshing. The mannequin is well crafted and the screams literally left me speechless. Well done, dev! I hope to see more games from you that explore the SCP universe.


N4bA does it once again with another excellent horror experience. The atmosphere alone is chillilng. Well done, dev! Can't wait for the full game.

The concept of a horror game in what's supposed to be a relaxing time is clever and this was really well executed. I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I couldn't play full screen. Had to play in a small window. But besides that, I had an excellent time playing. Well done, dev!


I find it difficult to say anything that will spoil this short and mysterious story. This is a must play. It has a storybook feel all the way to the end, but maybe not a story to tell children. Well done, dev!

The tension in this game is through the roof as you're constantly looking around you for the creature. But passed that, I found the overall experience to be extremely difficult as you're only allowed to hold one key item at a time with no checkpoints. I would recommend this game for anyone looking for something really challenging.

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This experience was amazing! The world really feels like a place turned upside down, and the creature design feels like something from a Guillermo del Toro film. Definitely a must play for those who are a fan of classic horror games, especially Silent Hill. Well done, dev! Can't wait for the full release.


This experience is a short yet perfect example of analog horror! Atmosphere and tone is the main focus and it's truly unsettling. Well done, dev! Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

The developer goes on to say don't judge him too harshly on a game he made in just two hours. But considering that, it was actually done pretty well. The atmosphere is unsettling, and I was even surprised by the voice acting he added to the experience. Great job, dev!

I'm always a fan of this concept as it adds more immersion to the experience. That being said, the mic mechanic needs a little more work. I tried multiple attempts not even talking in the mic and stopped moving long before the ghost was triggered. I would love to see more to this game.

Though some of the developer's choices in the game are a bit questionable(i.e. cutscenes), the experience has potential. The atmosphere is dark and unsettling, and the creature is well made. Well done, dev!

I enjoyed this experience a whole lot. Though it lacks much gameplay, it makes up for it completely with it's story and unnerving atmosphere. I highly recommend this for creepypasta lovers.

The concept was really well executed and felt very dreamlike. Wish I had the option to turn off motion blur though. The experience is short, but it's also an excellent prototype and shows what the developer is capable of whether for this game or for any future projects.  Well done, dev!

Puppet Combo games just do not disappoint, and Babysitter Bloodbath is the perfect game to play during the Halloween season. I only wish I had the chance to play it when it was originally Halloween and had Michael Myers as the killer.


This experience was so much fun! The level design is frightfully beautiful and the creature is one of the most unsettling things I've seen this year. Well done, dev! You are true masters of horror.

Though short, it was a great and memorable experience. The tension alone is at a high 10 and had me sweating the whole entire time. Well done Max Horror! You are a true advocate of horror.

Gotta give the developer love for being so consistent putting out these really unique horror experiences. He's really created his own style of horror and this latest title didn't disappoint. Well done dev!

This experience was genuinely terrifying. The VHS aesthetic and unexpectedness of the story was a perfect blend, not to mention the developer doesn't resort to easy jumpscares. Well done, dev! You are a true story teller.

For a short demo, the developer left me wanting more. Also, the dev didn't resort to any easy loud jumpscares, and brought a very unsettling atmosphere that any horror fan would appreciate. Well done, dev! Can't wait for the full release.

Some will argue that the PT aesthetic is played out, but the developer here proves that it can still be done really well. The atmosphere is spooky and the jumpscares are effective. My only criticism is the abrupt and confusing ending. Overall, a really good experience. Well done, dev!

This experience was everything I expected it to be, some good ol comedic horror. I was only able to find one ending which I think is the bad ending. Either way, it was fun as hell. Well done, dev!

I thought it was pretty cool that the dev explores this phenomenon that a lot of people have experienced worldwide. The jumpscares are effective and the atmosphere is definitely eerie. Well done, dev! Can't wait for the full version.