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Though the concept is very much like No Snake Hotel, there are more than enough differences to set itself apart. The scares are effective, and some of the notes I found pretty funny and entertaining. Overall, this is a decent short horror experience. Well done, dev!

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I was genuinely relieved how this experience didn't feel like another generic convenience store horror game. Diverse gameplay, and good scares. Well done, dev!

I had issues trying to unlock the other endings through the survey. Only always got the kaboom ending. Also, having a checkpoint once you get to the apartment would've been helpful, so that I wouldn't have to constantly go through the tedious start of the game. Besides that, the scares were solid.

This dev continues to scare the piss out of me! Even though this game is still in it's early development, I can see the potential. Needless to say, I am very excited for the full release. Well done, dev! You've done it again.

Can I get confirmation from the dev that the download link in the comments is legit?

This experience was quite good. It reminds me of other gems like Phasmophobia and The Mortuary Assistant. Though the concepts are different enough, this game invokes the same fear I felt before. Well done, dev!

I thought this experience was great. Even though it was short, there was more than enough to do to keep it entertaining. Also, the scares are subtle, but pretty effective. Well done, dev!

For a short game, this delivers the chills and thrills. The clever use of the camera, and being trapped in total darkness also adds to the tension throughout the whole experience. Well done, dev!

My pleasure dev! Seriously, you've got some really good talent. Keep up the great work. Magaling!

This game is proof of how real games are looking nowadays, and I couldn't be more excited. The detail of the forest, especially at night look incredible. I'll definitely keep my eye out for when the full release comes out. Well done dev!

Great question Tim! I think $5 is pretty reasonable considering the amount of content in the game already. Though I have to say that I don't see many indie horror games priced that much, at least on itchio. Steam on the other hand, that's a steal. If this game is going to remain on itchio alone, then I think that $3 is a safe area.

Thanks for letting me know! I had a great time with part 1. Definitely will be checking this out.

Holy crap this was amazing! Everything from the storytelling to the top tier visuals, this is one of the best games I've played this year, no cap. Can't wait for the sequel!

This dev doesn't miss a step in creating short but great horror experiences. Of the three games he's created, this one is probably the most unique along with a wild and hilarious story and new game mechanics. Well done, dev!

Coming into this game, I didn't really have any high expectations. That was mainly due to the lack of a description. That said, I was pretty surprised with how well this ended up. It's short yet the atmosphere is good and the scares are decent. Well done, dev!

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This game is a clear example of how indie devs know how to create an innovative experience. My only criticism is maybe having a more convenient way of getting weapons or perhaps a reload function. Besides that, this is S+ tier. Well done, dev! Can't wait for the steam release.

I had a great time with this game, even though it was short. I can't help but feel like the dev was inspired by a specific scene in the movie, Insidious. Also, having the player walk/sprint very slowly was an interesting creative choice, and it adds to the intensity at the end. Well done, dev!

I'm honestly impressed with how much this developer has improved since the first game I played (The Trees Holding Heaven). Everything from the voice acting to the variety of gameplay, it's all top tier. I can't wait for ACT 2. Well done, dev!

This developer continues to deliver a good solid mystery with some sharp scares. For me the highlight is the tension and fear for what lies in the forest. Though I was hoping for a different ending, the overall experience is worth trying out. Well done, dev.

I was really impressed with this experience, even at it's early stage of development. The scares are sharp, but the standout is the aesthetic or rather the found footage filter the game has the whole time. It really makes this whole experience feel real which is terrifying on it's own. Can't wait to see what's next for this game. Well done, dev!


I can't believe it's taken me this long to finally experience this. Though the demo is short it has a perfect balance of mystery and terror. It raises a lot of questions which is a good thing, because it has me wanting more. I cannot wait for the full release. I'll be there DAY 1. Well done, dev!

Wow this is really well made considering it's still in early development. Though there are just a couple moments where the game feels empty or barebones, the gameplay, tension, and variety of scares fill the gaps in the overall experience. I'm excited to see where this game goes. Well done, dev!

The scares are good, especially the paranoia of being hacked. That said the first challenge was just too difficult(intentionally of course) for my tiny brain that I had to forfeit my data. Would you do me a favor dev, and let the assassin know to be gentle with me? I'd appreciate it.

At the current state of the game, it definitely has potential to become really amazing. Some things that I personally would suggest are updated controls instructions(flashlight, and esc doesn't pause) and maybe a reason why there's a 90's vhs filter with a modern day smartphone. I would love to see the improvements during this development. Well done, dev!

This was a really well made analog horror experience, which is rare nowadays. A lot of good creepy moments that were subtle yet effective. Well done, dev.

Short and to the point, but what I like most about this experience is just how unique the story is. Every now and then you hear some grim stories about storage units, and this game perfectly executes that feeling of dread when you're at these places. Well done, dev.

I was expecting something completely different, and what I got was a nice chat and banana flavored goodness. Well done, dev.

As a big fan of Animal Crossing, I thought it was really cool seeing someone take that concept and bring in some horror. Though it was definitely creepy it was still very cute. Well done, dev!

This is the second game I've played from this dev, and I can honestly say that the talent is found in it's storytelling. Everything from the cutscenes and brilliant voice acting, to the "game within a game" mechanic is all top tier. It's games like this that prove that indie devs really care about their work. Well done, dev!

Many people will compare this game to Poppy's Playtime, but I think it has just enough to make a mark on it's own. The atmosphere is full of dread and the mascots look great. My only criticism is the frustrating drone mechanic. Getting from point A to B takes too long and can take you out of the experience. Besides that I think this is definitely worth playing. Well done, dev.

I enjoyed this game a whole lot. So much about this game I just did not expect at all, and the different style of retro aesthetic was refreshing. Well done, dev!

This is the second game I've played from this dev, and he continues to deliver a very unique and fascinating experience. The aesthetic alone will get you to want to play, if you can handle the pretty messed up concept. Well done, dev!

As usual this developer delivers a well polished and well executed game. I really wish it was a little longer, though I know it takes a lot of time and work to create something like this. Well done, dev!

This game pretty much checks off everything that makes a vhs horror game great. The driving was surprisingly well made and the jumpscares were unexpected and very effective. Well done, dev and Happy Holidays everyone!

Definitely one of the better new Christmas themed horror games out right now. I only wish it was longer and perhaps some added game mechanics. Overall, a decent short horror experience I'd recommend to anyone looking for a quick scare. Well done, dev!

Unexpectedness in storytelling is really important, and this experience delivers it. I only wish that when it comes to mechanics, that the game would've brought something more than the P.T. experience. Overall, a decent short horror experience. Well done, dev.


Good on the dev for putting out a demo at the same time as the full release. I thought the demo was great. Though it did remind me a little bit of The Mortuary Assistant, I'm sure this game delivers something unique and interesting. Well done, dev!

The concept was interesting, though I thought there were some really questionable choices like the timer and not having any tasks. Overall, a decent experience that needs some work.

I was completely blown away with how it all turned out. The story is really well thought out, and the jumpscares are sharp and effective. Not to mention that the game features a ton of customization. Well done, dev!

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I enjoyed this concept a lot. Though it did leave me with so many questions, I thought it was a great short horror experience. Well done, dev!