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I'm thankful to have discovered this game through the Haunted PS1 demo disc. It has a lot of potential and just oozes nostalgia. Looking forward to the full release on Steam. Well done dev!

Much like last year's Haunted PS1 Demo Disc, this year did not disappoint. They really know how to pick the right demos for their compilations.  And I gotta say, I really enjoyed the interactive menu screen. It was very different and felt like a mini intro game. Well done HauntedPS1!

This game was a huge surprise for me. Though it does start off a little slow, it picks up, and it picks up fast. Also, it's so refreshing having a developer bring an experience that doesn't involve ghosts or demons. Thank you dev! I can't wait for the full release.

Considering that this is the developer's first game, it's actually done pretty well. The atmosphere is creepy and the jumpscares are very effective. The only thing that lacks is backstory. Why are we here? What happened in this lodge? Why is it titled, Blind? These questions would often come up in my mind while playing and can be distracting.

I didn't expect a lot out of this game at first, but it surprised me in the best way. If this dev can make Spongebob's home look this creepy, surely they can make any setting terrifying. Well done, dev! 

This experience was really well written!  For a short experience,

there was a lot of depth and had me really question what I would do in a situation that the character went through. Plus, one of the jumpscares got me to injure my foot. Well done dev! 

Interesting concept taking the gameplay of PT and the atmosphere of A Quiet Place. I had an assumption that I needed to watch where I stepped as it may trigger the creature to get me. But most of the scares felt as if they were scripted. That being said, it was a very creepy experience that deserves more content added. Well done, dev!

The dev here has created something very unique and terrifying. Also, pretty meta playing a game within a game. I'm very excited for the full release and whatever future projects they have cooking. 10/10!

Though the movement controls were very challenging and a bit distracting, I did enjoy the game's surprise mechanic. I won't spoil it here, but that was definitely unexpected. Well done, dev!

I never thought I'd have this much fun playing a priest, but damn! This game is great! For a short demo, it explains enough of the story for players to grasp what is happening, and introduces the crucifix combat which is nothing short of satisfying. I highly recommend this game, and I cannot wait for the full release. Well done dev!

Nearly a year after the release of Emika's first game, Locked Up, you'd think I'd be prepared for their newest releast, Find Yourself. Nope! With a game that has an excessive quanity of jumpscares, it does not take away from the well written and surprising story. I highly recommend this to anyone that doesn't care to sleep.

Though I still haven't beaten the first monster, this is by far one of the best demos I've played in a long while. It's frightening, challenging, and a beautiful thing to look at. Well done dev! Can't wait for a full release.

Though the gameplay may seem simple enough with puzzles that don't give you a headache, the story was what took me by surprise. It was really well executed. Well done dev!

Thank you dev for responding quickly about the main menu screen issue and thank you so much for delivering an experience that is pure definition of cosmic horror. Playing through this, I could honestly tell that you put a lot of love and work in it. Well done!

Looks like I'm the second person today to have the same issue with the latest version of this game. Stuck at main menu. No mouse cursor. No keyboard controls. Windows 10 64bit.

Well done dev! When it comes to critique, I feel like everyone here in the comments pretty much covered it. This game has potential, and I do hope you consider adding more to this experience.

Don't be fooled by what seems like a tame experience. The terror gets dialed up to an 11. And the creature is terrifying! Well done dev!

It's games like these that make me believe that the developer had a really fun time making it. Yes, it is a cheesy Christmas themed horror game, but it was so much fun to play. Anytime I hear clapping now, I'll be thinking of "it". Well done dev!

For anyone that trys to compare this to Phasmophobia, this is different, in a good way. Unlike Phasmophobia, Paranormal Entities introduces a narrative. And though it's not fleshed out so much, it gives enough to produce a more immersive experience. I highly recommend this game to anyone that is looking for a spooky ghost hunting experience. Well done, dev!

The dialogue could use a little work. Besides that, this is an excellent start to this story. The fact that the experience is so short, only raises more questions.  I look forward to a full release or at the very least a continuation of the story. Well done dev!

Though this is a collection of games created by multiple developers, papercookies has yet again succeeded in producing a strange and memorable experience. I highly recommend this title!

Though this may seem like another PT clone, the developer succeded in telling an original and spooky story. Not to mention the atmosphere adds to the tension. I highly recommend playing this game!

A really good horror game is like chemestry. And this dev has produced a formula that is "perfectly splendid"(10 points if you get the reference). The atmosphere and creature brought nothing but dread to the whole experience. I HIGHLY recommend you play this game.

Overall I thought this was a good and effective experience. On my last attempt, I believe the Yandere girl wasn't there. I didn't bump into her, or heard her voice anywhere, which made my exit very easy lol

There were a couple major bugs, one that broke the game(when you start as the girlfriend, going into shower). Besides that, this game is so damn entertaining, I'm a huge fan of A Nightmare on Elm Street, so it was a huge surprise when I realized this had the same idea. Well done dev!

This was a really REALLY good story and the atmosphere really sets up the scene. I love seeing developers such as Edward Sedelius focus more on dialogue than mindless run and gun. Do not skip on this game!!

Never did I think that a really good horror game would take place on a train until now.   Though the demo lacks in much story, it completely makes up for it with the visuals, the tension, and of course the jumpscares. I cannot wait for  a full release.

Though the purpose of the entity is left to interpretation, I thought it was an overall good experience. The soundscapes were definitely a standout! 

I'll be honest. I didn't think this game would get me with a jumpscare.  But it did. Now I hate babies...even more. Thanks dev!!

The gameplay took me by surprise. Frustrating at first, but that's what makes the game mechanic so interesting. Well done dev! Hope to see more content added to this title.

I had the same thing happen. I ran it anyways, and no issues.

Thank you devs for bringing back a classic concept! It was addicting, frustrating at some times, but overall very entertaining. Hope to see more microgames added.

You weren't kidding about that maze!  Holy hell that took awhile, but I managed to find my way. Also, great job making bedsheet ghosts terrifying again.

The developer does a really great job capturing that classic PS1 feeling! Even the cheesy voice acting lol. Can't wait to see what's added.

This was great! The game really has you feel like you're in the shoes of a writer. Can't wait for the full release.

This was still a really fun experience. As I retried many times, I began to see the pattern, but that didn't help. Because the creature gets faster! I'm determined to finish this. Well done dev!

The game definitely has potential, and I'm glad to hear that the devloper is still polishing it up. Can't wait for future updates.

I did not expect this game to go in the direction it did, and it scared the crap out of me. What the developer does best here is the constant build up of tension. Well done, dev!