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I really liked this! Great concept and fun to play, only found a small bug that one of the skeletons got stuck inside walls but i was able to hit it. With more content, i would like to play more! Keep up the good work!!

maybe this was the issue bcs I reset many things. Thanks for the help neither way.

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yes, it remains the same in fullscreen as well... (altough, yesterday at an other computer, chrome again, it worked fine and now it works fine as well)

I really enjoy your generator but idk why for some reason, all of your generators doesn't fit on the scene on Chrome. it's like this with other generators as well. Works fine in Opera though.

Hello! Thank you for quick reply and many many copies! Looking forward to use it!

looks interesting but is there any chance for a demo or community version? I wonder about the tables.

Hello, I was wondering if I can ask for a community copy, i really wanted to try this game & willing to write a detailed feedback as a 10 year experienced GM :D It looks really fun & promising!

Ex Umbra community · Created a new topic A demo somehow?

I'm interested in buying the bundle but the cost is a much for me yet I'm still willing to pay. Although I don't want to do a blind purchase since it is not a small money for me. Are there any demos for either of games?

This game is fantastic! Main core loop is brilliant. It does need some tweaks in combat or in some things but I'm amazed by the potential of it! Congrats on the good game