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This is a game about committing suicide in many different ways - that's all. Seems like the author was just trying to be edgy and didn't have any good ideas for a game.

The graphics are very basic and in some places outright bad.

Another issue I have with his game is the rampant copyright infringement.

You can use whatever you want.

Make sure to read the Itch page by clicking "View game page" next to the name!

I'm a bit late, but the voting period is over. You can see the results in the "Results" tab.

While I wasn't expecting any non-software games to be submitted to this jam, this game is not bad. The rating categories (Visuals, Audio, etc.) were made with computer games in mind, and can't really be applied to games like this one in a meaningful way.

I really liked the music and visuals, but I felt like the game was too short.


Just submitting this here so that people looking for games about liminal spaces can find it more easily.

You have until 9/11 to rate all jam entries.

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The levels were all well designed and detailed. While it is clear this game takes most of its core concepts from Anemoiapolis, I think it's fair to say that it doesn't make the game any less immersive. What DOES make it less immersive, though, is the placement of the codes. Instead of integrating them into the game seamlessly, the author of this submission decided to simply place them on walls in more or less hidden rooms.

The jam ended today, if you would like me to add your game manually, please send me the link to it.

The jam has come to an end. If you have a project you would like me to add manually you can send it to me in a private message.

Disqualified, as it has absolutely no connection to the theme. Please refrain from submitting any more games to this jam, if they do not fit in the liminal space/"weirdcore" theme

Disqualified because it has no connection to the theme

The jam submission period has been extended by ~12 days to give the participants more time to get their projects done.

If you manage to make a game that fits the topic then yes.

Disqualified because the sumbission is not related to the topic of liminal spaces.

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Hey, it's me again, I just made a video showcasing the final release of your game.

Gotta say the new levels look pretty good and atmospheric.

Great work! Mind submitting it to the game jam?

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Someone else said he's looking for a composer and a graphic designer

Hi! I'm one of the hosts of the 2022 Liminal Game Jam, would you be interested in submitting your game?

Thanks, but they're the result of my bad texturing skills and the rendering engine I'm using...

Can't wait to see what comes out of this!

Hello, I'm one of the hosts of the Liminal Game Jam 2022; we created the jam almost a month ago, yet when I scroll to July 20th (the start date of the jam), it doesn't show up on there. I know every jam has to be approved by a moderator, but as I already said earlier, it's been a month so the jam should have gotten approved by now.

The camera movement issue is caused by your CPU being too fast. All the other movement multipliers are multiplied by the frame delta time (so that the movement speed is the same on all CPUs), but I forgot to the same for the vertical camera multipliers, I just uploaded version 0.9.2, which contains a fix. I also noticed you were using v0.9.0 in the video, even though the latest version at the time of recording was v0.9.1.

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Which level are you trying to go to? Some levels are still Work-In-Progress. I will try to release a patch in the 9 or 10 hours that would add actual level progression and new levels.

EDIT: It might take a bit longer than 9 or 10 hours, hold tight!

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Seems like a Linux binary to me.

Hi! Not OP, but just tried running it myself - it runs in a Playstation Emulator!

Pretty neat!

If you want, you can post screenshots of your game in this thread to show to others.

The game is pretty simple, but fun to play for short periods of time. The only thing I dislike is the obscene anime image; but hey, at least it's not as bad as that anime resource monitor that got booted from the jam.

We have updated the main page with more information.

You're welcome! I was looked at the page for Linux Game Jam 2018 and I remembered about your game.

I listed the dependencies in the README, some of them are incorrect because I accidentally listed the dev versions, I will fix that tomorrow.

The OpenAL error is caused by OpenAL itself, it's a known error in 1.19.x, tomorrow I will try building w/ a newer version.

I'm really sorry for all the errors and issues with this; I have a lot of things on my head right now and this submission was very rushed.

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There's a dependency list in README.HTM

Some libraries were mistakenly listed as dev versions, please use the regular versions instead.

Pretty neat!

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Just use the regular versions of those libraries. Looks like I accidentally copied the dependency list for building, so some of them are not needed.

This is a 2-D game with extremely simple graphics, yet it takes up 227 MB; pretty weird, isn't it?