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Allowed, as long as you can fit it within the theme of the jam.

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If by "liminal OCS" you mean TikTok weirdcore characters like these, just know you CANNOT use them in your game. Your project will be disqualified as per the  jam rules.

If it falls within the theme, yes.

I don't use Discord.

Yes, that is a known issue; the Itch distribution of this game is missing a DLL that is needed for keyboard input and thus the game is currently broken :(

I am working on two other games so fixing this is currently not my priority but I will be sure to message you once it's fixed.

After PogoBijoux 2 releases, except it won't be called that.

The best Weirdcore-themed point and click game I've played. All the other ones I've seen are really just Ren'py visual novels.

Just because you get a SmartScreen morning doesn't mean it's malware. M$ SmartScreen is so shit that it blocks every unsigned executable by default.

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Well, to be honest, I released the game for the first time publicly in 2020, but not on Itch, and back then it only had 3 levels, all of which were unfinished. When it reached a semi-playable state, I released it on Itch in May of 2022, and the game receives updates to this day. It's called PogoBijoux (the name is kind of random and doesn't mean anything in particular), you can download it here, however please keep in mind that even though this game had its full release on February 14, 2023, it still has many bugs and is not 100% feature-complete. A big update is currently in the making so you might want to wait until it comes out before playing.

Fixed in version 1.0.3.

The movement issue was fixed in version 1.0.3. Please keep in mind that the game is going to receive a few more updates this year to improve upon some of the most barebone levels.

What does the error message say?

This was an issue exclusive to the Windows builds. Fixed in 0.9.1!

Hi, I fixed an issue with the screen flickering that a few other people were having. Did the title screen load for you at all or did the game crash immediately upon being ran?

As to the "virus protections going off", the only anti-malware/anti-virus on VirusTotal that flagged this as malware (out of the 50 or so) was Jiangmin, which after doing some research appears to have a lot of false positives.

VirusTotal link

I apologize for the inconvenience. The Windows builds were provided to me by a friend of mine as I was on vacation and only had access to an old Arch Linux ThinkPad. I'll be going back home tomorrow and I'll try to build the game myself.

I don't really see how this classify as trolling nonetheless. Just because I didn't implement the theme the way you would want me to does not make it a trolling attempt.

Thank you so much for the video!

The original uploader made the page private to the best of my knowledge.

The last two jams hosted by you were made in collaboration with other YouTubers (N8 and SamYam respectively). Are you hosting this jam all by yourself this year or are you going to partner up with someone?

Anit-communism isn't inherently anti-capitalist, but it could be. For example, there are anarchists who don't believe in the state's authority at all.

I'm pretty sure this isn't an explicitly communist jam, so anti-communism should be fine as long it's not an endorsement of capitalism.

The limit was put in place by Itch so you will have to contact them. In the mean time you can put a link to an external host (like MediaFire or DropBox) in game's page. 

And what exactly does that mean? That you don't like with my implementation of the theme? That you disagree with my political ideology? Whenever somebody accuses me of doing something "in bad faith" I can easily tell a lot about the type of person they are.

You're welcome!

The submission date has been moved to June 28 to give people more time to finish their games.

Wealth redistribution :-)

I might extend the due date if there are enough people who didn't finish.

The start time should be displayed in the timezone that you have set on your computer.

Yes, we plan on hosting this jam every year around June-July.

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Just added one.

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I participated in the 2018 and 2022 jams.

In 2018, I initially wanted to make a 3-D game in which you explore a strange, dream-like world, but because of Godot 2.x's immense issues with loading models I gave up on that idea and made MousePong on the last day of the jam just to submit something.

Then, in 2022 I made Tux's Revenge, a game in the form of an IWAD for the ZDoom engine; definitely a huge improvement over MousePong, though it's not something I'm particularly proud of due to its numerous shortcomings.

This year I'm writing a game in C using SDL2 called Devious Licks, inspired by the 2021 TikTok challenge & media panic of the same name in which kids would steal (or at least pretend to have stolen) school property.

Or maybe I just see things rationally

The fact that it's communist propaganda doesn't mean it's false.

Never in my post did I say it's false.

Most likely, you will show humanity and save a person choking on some food

No, I won't. If I don't have a financial incentive, then I won't.

You might think that people must be saved by the state.

No, I do not think that either.

Most of your "arguments" are just putting words into my mouth that I did not say.

I highly recommend you think about what you would do in a situation like that before judging others.

While at first it seems like some commie propaganda

That's because it is.

Capitalism is not human nature. When you see a person choking on some food, do you think about the cost to profit ratio for saving them or do you Heimlich them?

If I don't know that person then I have no reason to care about his life or whether he dies, other than potential financial gain.

Yes, that's fine as per the jam rules.

I'm a card carrying conservative

Most conservatives are liberals under the definition he's probably going by.

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After discussing this with the jam host, we decided to requalify your submission, but please keep in mind that it will likely get a lower rating as you did not follow the rules.

The reason I disqualified it at first was that even thought it technically did use ASCII characters to draw the graphics, the way it was done strays too far from what is usually meant by an "ASCII"/TTY game. Your game appears to be combining characters rendered from a TrueType font which are oftentimes overlaid on top of each other - something that cannot be done in a regular character stream displayed in a terminal/terminal emulator.

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Disqualified, as this is definitely not an ASCII-based game.

EDIT: See this.