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Jesus Noland

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I love the vision for this game. The main character reminds me of a character from Overcooked. Love the music choice as well, very inspiring. I would have liked to break open barrels or crates to find treasures. Cool verse at the end. When are you going to make a bigger version of "Super Christian"? Thanks for making this game. Keep up the hard work.

Very fun game! It's awesome that you created it in Rust. I remember playing this game for hours on my IBM computer running Windows 95.

Controls were hard to get at the beginning but I finally was able to get them working for both candies. Would have been nice to have a menu to pause and the winning transition at the end making the screen flicker made me think my computer was bugging out. I did eventually get the thrill of running from the kids so that was fun. Thank you!

This game is awesome! I've played a number of your demos but have never played so long in one of your games before.

Thank you for the game! I enjoyed the levels but I would have liked that the ball move faster. Love the music for the levels, where did you get it? Keep making games.

Super awesome game! I learned about Black Astronauts that I had not heard of and I had fun. I would ask though to increase the time on the more complex puzzles.

Great job! Had so much fun competing with a friend for the lowest time. Thank you very much!

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Great game so far! I got to the third level so far. I really like the environment and the background music. The use of platforming mechanics with a roll a ball avatar is excellent. I will come back to finish the game but I would like to have a way to save progress and on my second time loading up the game on Windows I could not get to the in-game menu.

2nd Edit. Love the cutscenes!

Tried playing your game but was unable to start the game on either Windows or Mac. Please specify which platform the download is for. The concept looks cool though.

Thanks Sketche my game did not have nearly the polish you had in your games so I want to improve on that in future games.

Nice, great use of the assets!

I agree. I'm so glad I got done in time.

Wow you did this all by yourself? Amazing!