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a great job!)

Thank you, it works. I tweaked something in the settings.

incomparablement! surtout les сredidts)

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Everything has already worked  in the mobile version,

I just started the project, made some blocks, added one sprite and some dialogs. I didn`t enter variables and something else . And the buttons in the blocks are simply not pressed. I read on one site that maybe Tuesday JS is only supported by 64-bit Windows, but I have Win 7 x32 on my laptop.

By the way, the buttons and sandwiches at the top and bottom of the block itself are pressed, unlike the buttons inside the scenes.

Hello,  sorry to disturb you.   Tuesday JS starts perfectly at first on my pc and  android, but  many functions don't work after 15-20 minutes (I can't add a scene or  can't click on the "+" in the block at all). Maybe it's the minimum requirements for a computer or mobile? PC version tested in different browsers, almost the same) Thank you.


Everything is very cool. I studied at the university for 8 years, and exams have always been stressful for me, and especially preparing for them. Sorry for the comments, but in one of the rooms the heroine can walk on the wall... And so I really fell in love with this visual novel. An interesting idea of game mechanics for this particular genre)

Create, create and create again. I'm following you) The game is just great, but it turned out there are 2 more additional cut-scenes.

It was very nice and cool to play this wonderful game. Sprites, backgrounds and narrative are top notch. Go on! Looking forward to new games!