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Aah, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my request! In the end it was the 4th song, I'm so happy to have found it! It may seem silly but it means a lot to me, thank you! I have a few of your other games and hope to play them when I have more time as well. ^ ^

Hello! I actually played a demo of this game back at Bishounen Con, and I was really happy to play it's full release! Really cute and funny. One thing has been bothering me though. As I left the game idling on the room explore screens, a song started to play that I knew I had heard before... I went through all the artists on your music credit page but there was so much and I couldn't find the exact song. Please can you tell me the name / source of that song? I think it's the third or fourth in the loop, has a somewhat mechanical sound effect running throughout. I'm dying to find out... Dx

Please! ><
If you don't mind too much...