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Is Kana gonna wake up as well?


Ok. I know this is a Genshin Hentai game and is not meant to be taken seriously but for real tho can we talk about the chat in Barbara's first stream? They're all fucking Idiots. You can clearly see her panties thru her tights. It counted the first time! but I guess people are just fucking BLIND! Jesus fucking christ. *sighs* but anyways, Thx for your time.

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I hope you continue it. It's very good. Very Sexy~

Also Can I just say that it bothers me that we refer to Fawn as Master instead of Mistress when she Doms us in the Rack? You don't have to change it Dev but I'm just saying, It makes no Sense unless Fawn uses He/Him Pronouns or anything else that would suggest Fawn being a Dude but I don't think Fawn is but I might be wrong so who knows? Later People!


Uncaught Error: Header is Wrong. Plz Fix Dev.

Cassie Vanished! I've literally looked everywhere and I can't find her. I've beaten the entire game up until the latest public version and she's nowhere to be found. Does anyone know where she went?