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Midnight Snackk

A member registered Nov 18, 2020

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me too lol

my highest distance is 251, not bad? 

2668 for first try, not bad


finished it ty

i finished it ty


I love the way how it introduced new things, it keeps me into the game, kind of frustrating to play it at desktop at first, since idk what buttons to press, so I randomly tried every keys, but I get it, it clearly says, highly recommend for your controller. Overall, nice experience, introduction music is not that good for me, but the gameplay music is very catchy and it lessens my frustration when dying over and over again. Very challenging but not very frustrating, it's very fulfilling to finish a level after resurrecting tens of times, but maybe you can make the sense of fulfillment after finishing a level, like adding a little sound effect/s. Also, the screen resolution is too small, hope it can goes to full screen. Would play it again later in full version.