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WOW! i am downloading your game as i type this! so, is this game going to always be free? like all the updates and such?! i LOVE how much work it looks like you have put into this!! and it is a REAL open world!!! not like some will say, and then i run into barriers! also, you wanting to make each and every house from scratch ?! AND, having them all different and we can explore those too?! man, oh man! i know i am going to have a blast playing this game! i have your game in two of my lists of games... in DOWNLOAD... which, once i have played this and rated it, i will remove it. Once it leaves that list, it will go to my PLAYED list! but, the second list i have it in, is Keep an Eye on... and i will follow you! this helps me know which games i have played, which ones i have not played or downloaded yet ... and which ones are DEMOs/Alphas... that i want to keep an eye on! 

thank you so freaking much for making this wonderful game! i am off to play it now! will be coming back to rate it soon! keep up the awesome job you are doing! 

YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so, will i  be able to download this on my laptop? i am thinking not... if not, i really hope you do make the game accessible for Windows 10... i mean, i don't have an android phone, or PC, or tablet! All of my devices, except my laptop(windows10) are IOS. (iPhone, iPad, Apple T.V.)

i really want to play this, cannot tho... cant play it on this screen.. just a picture of the game... and nowhere to download it at... hmmm, sucks. i will put this in my keep an eye on folder... and will come back from time to time... but i see two others who said the same thing about a year ago... is not looking so good for me!