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Midnight Marmalade

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We have noted the hitbox bug and will release a new version after jam period has ended.

Perhaps we were a bit flexible around the rules, but we will test a monochrome mode and may add this in a future update.

Avery did a fantastic job on the soundtrack! We will add links/embed a place to listen to the tracks in full on this site soon.


Fixed hitboxes for Version 0.2!

Thanks for the feedback! Updated the jam page with a how to play. Good to hear that you've had fun! We may update this in the future so stay tuned!


Thanks for playing and recording our game! We have some plans to expand upon the game. There is a few puzzles in the game as well that you missed. You did not get to the ending.

Great video mate!

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Is there something that is unclear or could be improved? We are aware that this game is not easy to figure out. Where are you stuck?

We are planning to release new versions of this game in the near future.

Sorry for the late response, We have been quite busy.