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What a lovely peace. I enjoyed finding the little mementos of human life- I sucked at making cairns it seems, but the effort was made. The fairytale within was additionally lovely.

Genuinely was unsure about the combat system at first, felt a little overpowered with the dinosaur, but in those last waves of vampires, she came in clutch. Great game! 

Muchly appreciated. What a shame. All these branching paths, and really, not that branchy.

Thank you for responding! (Pray tell, where does the skin suit get used?)  

Hi there! I've just completed playin the game, I think (Got the manager, but she can't use her skills? And nothing changes, since she apparently also gets killed in the Security Room???).

I'm honestly confused!!! What was the point of the skin suit, of destroying the cameras? (Plus, there was a bathroom camera I couldn't seem to access...) I never saw the skin suit get used. And completing the kid/ animatronic thing... What was supposed to happen? I know I got the Kid in my party, but what's the point of it? I'd love to hear a response back!  <3

Not a bad game. But kinda wordy. Like, we get it, you're the bad guy, goodness. Subtle like a brick through a window. lol. Mister bad guy sounds like Pharos from Persona. Give it a look, haha. Lucky you, I'm fond of that voice. The jumpscares were okay enough, but lacking in real spook factor. It would have been more fitting if they'd been related to the babies or something, like suddenly they change into scary babies. Just my thoughts, thanks for reading! <3 

Hi there.

I like your game. 

Do you need anybody to help proofread? I'd like to offer my assistance if you do. This game looks great otherwise. Keep on keeping on.