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hi johnny, i got the mac version of the game today and it did not load the visuals on my mac, the screen was black for the menu but i could select the buttons, hear the audio being played (eg if i pressed E) and it showed the loading screen when i clicked "enter friend world" but no scenery was shown.  please lmk if there is a way to fix it, thank you!!

i wish there were more dress up games like these (specifically 2010s subcultures) for  where people can create their own, even though this is a dress up game for your oc cesare its still really cool!!

this is fucking awesome 

wow i loved this! so cool how you could even go higher, really enjoyed this pinball game

how do i cover all?

thanks ben i got kicked back to the itchio page

man these are fun i hope you make more, home designing games are really overlooked on itchio. it's really fun and nice to have a place with personal touches

aw man. i'm too late to play this game as there's no flash. the thumbnail looked really fun

what happens / what do i do when the fairy starts singing? 

always love your games, theyre consistently well put together !!

man i found your game a couple nights ago and played it with my partner. how is this not getting hyped up man!! the art, the puzzles and the environment you can explore around is just so awesome and you can see that there is so much attention to detail! i really enjoyed playing your game. so far where i last saved / left off we were at the landfill area and i was a bit stuck after i explored everything including the cave. i hope to keep playing and finish this, perhaps even play the endless empty! i found this game because my partner and i were looking for rhythm games to play and i'd scrolled so far down the list. this is a true gem that had been buried.

sorry, i struggled to see because it was so zoomed in 

how do i paste? i've tried to use ctrl v but it only removes the second spreadsheet 

a short good game!!

i was down to the last 1-2 souls... it was hard. i still don't know how to get the soul that is above the platform with the pool beneath it and i was wondering if the platform to the far right (stairs and a elevated block) is accessible. thank you !!