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I wanted to chime in with my own experience-- I also sat on the downstair for a while, unable to go down, re-reading the directions to try to figure out if I missed anything. In the end this was the issue--I always use right-shift for >, since it is on the same side, but the game only recognizes left-shift (and left-ctrl and left-alt). Using left-shift got me down to the next floor no problem. 

I might be wrong, but I believe that the Itch page for this game doesn't have the Ludum Dare 48 tag. I see that it has the general Ludum Dare tag, but the 48 tag adds a "View Submission" link at the top which links to the Ludum Dare website listing, which is kind of helpful. It might also help with discoverability, and I saw the LD Twitter recommend adding the tag because they search it for games to feature. It's such a nice game, I'd like to see it get as much attention as possible. 


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One of my favorite 7DRL games for sure. It is what you want in a 7DRL-- a traditional roguelike that is easy to understand but offers interesting choices. The aesthetic adds a lot to the experience for me as well. 

Seems to work great, time to get all those relics...

No worries, glad to help. 

I mentioned this on the itch page, but I really enjoyed this game. It's simple but elegant, and the stealth reminds me of Harmonist. The only issue that I had was that picking up a relic, going into the hiding spot, and then going out does not remove the relic from your inventory. I may be missing something. 

I enjoyed this game quite a bit. It's simple but effective and an interesting puzzle. Reminds me of Harmonist. The only issue I had was how to store items in the stash, I simply couldn't figure out how to accomplish this. 

Overall though, well done!

I like the idea of having a little friend walking around. I'd love to see this continue to be expanded. I'd like if the goose went away some times, and then came back when you forgot about them.

 I'd much rather have a goose cause trouble than a paperclip try to help.

It worked! Game version is 0.1.3 and OS is Windows 10 Windows 10 Home 64-Bit.  I like the idea of being a necromancer! I feel like this project has potential to be expanded. 

This looks really cool. I've got my zombie buddy, but Shift+o gets the comment "Nothing to open here." Am I doing something wrong? Also, I was hoping that "?" would bring up instructions, but it doesn't appear to do anything. 

I like it. The movement helps to make it feel nice to play. The abilities are simple but useful.