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I like this very much!

Easy to learn but hard to master. 😀

I like it that your games are always complete!

Wooohoo -- I love watching people doing their work.

So much fun!
So relaxing!

I like it very much.


Yes, definitely a good idea.

I am thinking about adding a level system, where you have limited time and the snowfall increases or the weather intersifies from level to level.

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No, not that sophisticated. Actually is so simple that you might laugh when you know it.

I made two models. The first one is responsible for the snow flakes falling down, where each flake is an object with position and velocity, and the wind applies some more or less random acceleration. The second model is responsible for the piled snow, where each snow crystal is just a white pixel in a picture, and the gravity is implemented by checking for each pixel if there is an empty pixel below (or below-left or -right). And when a snow flake hits a snow crystal then it will be converted into a crystal itself.

The game is over when the white bar reaches 100%. This eventually happens because of the gradually increasing snowfall. Until then try to make as much score as you can.

Wow, that was fun to play! Every time I discovered a new type of trap or enemy I was instantly killed, eheheh :-D. 

And hey, really nice pixel art animation!

Creative idea, nice graphics, and challenging gameplay.

It’s kind of a memory game under time pressure...

Very hard but very nice!!!

Missing some sound effects though ... :-)