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Thank you for the feedback and for playing! I know that a lot of parts of the game need some polish and balancing. And the feedback about the hitbox seems very valid. Would have liked to finish the game in a slightly better state, so players could also easily buy new tools in the shop etcetera.

Nevermind! I was right on time, but it almost went wrong

The submit page didn't recognize my new page with zipped build zo I couldn't deliver my game in time

Nice game! I'm gonna rate it

Honestly, I also just would add more things to it C:. It's nice

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Thank you for the feedback and for playing it!

This was a great, eggciting game! The level design is very good, the mechanic is also nice. Only thing is that the difficulty ramps up very fast after the eggxit. But that could also just been me

Great game! From all the LD46 games I played I found this one of the more interesting game. It has good audio, good art and animations look juicy. Only thng you could improve is to make the player understand better what the top pile of card do and when they influence the game (for me that was unclear). But for a game jam game this is very great! And I can even see this as an alright game outside the game jam. 

I really enjoyed the overall esperience. Very polished! And nice that you alos made a puzzle game! (although this one is also an adventure)

Interesting game!

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Great game! This is the best pet game I have played until now, really fun. It is especially nice that you don't just interact with the pet but also with the phone, the girl and wine. Also well balanced. 

I also want to give you some feedback on it. The art looks great. But when I played the game for the first time, I was overwhelmed by all the information. If you found a way to communicate all this information in a different or improved way (highlights, outlines around interactable elements etc.), it could have been cleaner.

But that is really some small complaint which is almost negligible. And for a game jam, this game is fantastic .

Btw do you have the url to the Ludum Dare webpage?

Such a neat mechanic! I like games that derive from one mechanic but can make for deep and interesting levels. Good job. That is also why I created a puzzle game for LD46 myself.

If I can give you one point of feedback: The baby crawled through the spike (which isn't game breaking). And I didn't expect it to fall from a tile because at the borders it will swap his crawl direction. But those are really small things and with trial and error I eventually knew what the rules were. But nevertheless, really great and polished game!

Hey Noa and Jonas. I must say, you really did a very good job with this game. It feels great just interacting alone! Solid game, not overwhelmingly difficult. Great mood, music and art.

And btw I really like your videos on Youtube. They teached me some things I didn't know yet about game design. I used this knowledge to implement in my first Ludum Dare entry "The Harmless Prison Escape", a puzzle game. Especially Jonas videos about game design and puzzle design helped me creating a better game for LD46.  

So thank you very much for spreading your view and knowledge on game design!

Can't wait for the video of the making of this game.

Nice game! It works fine. Also nice that I can choose what food I want to eat. Great to hear you have fun while making it! I also ahd fun this ludum dare

Cool little game! Art-wise it is adorable. I enjoyed the first minute or so, after that it became very hard. Still nice to see what you accomplished in this short time!

Nice game. I like the little story and it also looks and plays great. Polished game!

Nicely executed game! Great art and music

Hahaha. This is cool! I wanted to type and it typed something different. My mind was blown at that moment.  Nice concept

Very polished game! Sometimes frustrating, but that is okay XD. Good graphics and music and gameplay!

Really cool artstyle! And I laughed very hard because of this game which is nice! Is is simple but works great