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Mickey Mouse Dumb House

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I spent over 50 hours on Lucah. I am gonna be in for a hell of a ride.

Windows Defender flags every executable from an unknown publisher as unsafe. It's perfectly fine.

for real though it's been two years


I'm just now realizing that this game is also sort of a commentary on religion and indoctrination. It really makes me view the game in a whole new light. I can't believe that when I last played this I didn't realize that the second major area is literally a church in which you get baptized against your will by a power tripping priest. 

So I decided to pick this up again after over a year and I gotta say, this still holds up super well! I actually managed to kill the harbinger in the tutorial this time, and I feel like something might have changed. Does this have any plot significance?

I finally got around to trying this out and it's super fun! I can't wait for the next update.

This game is a near masterpiece. The only thing holding it back at this point is the lack of difficulty settings.


hell yeah we got bullet heaven 3

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it doesn't matter, both are able to run on 64 bit operating systems

I've noticed a bug, when you die as your sword is returning to you when executing special attack 2, you will respawn with a second spinning sword directly in front of you.

I'm not sure if this has any effect on gameplay, it just looks cool.

this is actually one of the funnest games I've ever played. the brutal difficulty is annoying at first, but it's super rewarding once you get the hang of things.

I want to check this out, but I have a potato PC. What are the recommended specs for this?

also, is it just me or is the potions seller smoking crack?

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is it possible to get the potions seller to sell me his strongest potions, for I can totally handle them, unlike that dimwitted traveler outside?

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This is a roguelike game, meaning that it has procedurally generated levels and permadeath. Keyword being permadeath.

If you don't want to lose all your progress from dying, the best solution would to to disable ghost, though I forget how.

Edit: press Shift+Control+F3

I forget what the sin and punishment modifiers do, could anyone explain them?

do you have any plans to make a windows release?

Hey idiots, this is a mod installer, not a game. So for the love of god, please stop asking to make this a playable game

this might just be a problem with the machine you're using, not a problem with the mod.

For those who don't know the workaround: just open the page in an external web browser and claim it from there

Too fucking bad. I play all my horror games at night.

it's a feature, not a bug

Hey people, randomizer does not equal nuzlocke. So quit complaining about it allowing you to do non nuzlocke things.

I got softlocked

I can't play the game.

It's not a technical problem, it's just that it gets so tense that I chicken out.


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To this day, I still wonder why they even give you the option to say "No, I don't want to make an innocent creature my slave" if they're just going to keep asking you until you say yes.

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well what are those steps?

edit: I got it working

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You should make a game about anxiety next

Edit: the "FUCK YOU YOU ARE A HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING" option in court is fucking epic. I have gotten the pretentious ending, and the ADHD ending. I'm surprised that you didn't add any big easter eggs for your bossfight.

You obviously have money if you have a computer or phone that you're posting this from

I think he means "What do you mean by 'no games'?"

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I'm unsure if this was intended.

I now have a kickass whip, I think I did something wrong.

Edit: there's now castlevania music, nice touch!