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Mickey Mouse Dumb House

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Too fucking bad. I play all my horror games at night.

it's a feature, not a bug

Hey people, randomizer does not equal nuzlocke. So quit complaining about it allowing you to do non nuzlocke things.

I got softlocked

I can't play the game.

It's not a technical problem, it's just that it gets so tense that I chicken out.


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To this day, I still wonder why they even give you the option to say "No, I don't want to make an innocent creature my slave" if they're just going to keep asking you until you say yes.

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well what are those steps?

edit: I got it working

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You should make a game about anxiety next

Edit: the "FUCK YOU YOU ARE A HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING" option in court is fucking epic. I have gotten the pretentious ending, and the ADHD ending. I'm surprised that you didn't add any big easter eggs for your bossfight.

You obviously have money if you have a computer or phone that you're posting this from

I think he means "What do you mean by 'no games'?"

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I'm unsure if this was intended.

I now have a kickass whip, I think I did something wrong.

Edit: there's now castlevania music, nice touch!