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AAAAA So pretty!!!

the demo for this game is so amazing so far, it really unfolds a lot for what to expect for the full game to be released.

I really love the character sprites and the art in it is really beautiful, really inspires me to create more art Also the amazing pixel art (idk if that's what u call it but idc) for the backgrounds is just stunning AAAAAAAA

I wish I had money to support the game, So I encourage anyone who sees this to support this game in-development!

AAAAA right when im making this comment, tears almost started falling out. Even though it's a short but pretty long gameplay, I really enjoyed it! The plot of the story, the art and the characters are very good!! Im very satisfied after playing this and that ending after the credits made me a bit emotional. I look forward to more games that you might create in the future :D

this is honestly such a cute game, I really love the style and story so far!! for only the demo being released, I can tell the rest of the story is gonna be really good!!! I wish you the best with this game :DDD