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DO a barrel roll.

I was waiting for this! Nice puzzle.

It does, but in minus! >:)

The game doesn't play itself and is also bad.

Stop replying

Interesting idea.However, I don't have anyone to play with.

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Horrible. Creepy and horrifying.

It's bad. Doesn't make any sense.

0/10 is already too much.

Boring and very bad quality (gameplay and looks). At least, it was short. :P

1 minute 24 seconds :)

I found an angle at which the serpent can travel trough the whole landscape without me having to do anything at all. It takes a lot of time until it catches some red pellets, but works.

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My time was 1 min and 24 sec. Gameplay was fun and a little scary,being worried not to fall in one of the gaps. However it was quite easy. I give it a 7/10.

That is because they would constantly fuck each other once they are out of the maximum limit. They cannot procreate then( on the maximum limit)

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A game about fucking too much.

Ia-ti muie.

Not fun at all. The only items I can craft are the ones that you created. Some don't make sense at all and are hard to find.  Spear plus water equals fish? And bad english not funny, only stupid.

I find it fun and inspiring.

Why would you create such a mess?

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What the fuck?

I tried both endings. Thanks for making me wake up my parents.

Great game

I accidentally dropped a red suncube trough a wall and I wasn't able to pick it up again.

I like it. It's one of my favorite games.

Very interesting.

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I like it. It's full of emotion  and adrenaline. It also has stunning graphics and physics along with some great level design. On short, it's a great game

It's ok

It's ok. I would like to see more

I liked it