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Haha, this really feels like a grow game. I like the style, it feels fitting.

Wow. This was a bit scary, scary enough to be good. I think the message here is that while we have our opinions about justice, we should look at ourselves and think: " If I were to do this crime, would I be able to forgive myself?:", and only then decide. But again, different people have different thoughts, so I don't know. Just try not to hurt people I guess.

I agree, my good people.

Great job, I like this one a lot, too.

I get scared easily, and I hardly ever play horror games. This was spooky enough to get me excited, but not too much to make me fall off my chair (yes it has happened to me in the past). Great job!

I had fun destroying. Video games let me express my inner anger without consequences in a way that real life never will.

Windows Security is telling that this game contains a virus, but I think it is mistaken. Although, a hacker could take advantage of your file (not too probable, but still) and I was curios what your opinion is on this fact.

If you like games like this, which demonstrate game errors and glitches in a fun way, then I recommend you also try nitrome's Mega Mash ( and A Meta Data Game by ansimuz ( These are just two on the top of my head. And if you know more, please let me know!

Nice prototype! Keep it up.

Why can't I steal the shopkeeper's stuff after I murder him? :/ Great game, by the way.

Not fair! I am a cyborg...

I need to watch my oxygen level, when I am surrounded by a lush green forest. Interesting idea, though

I think that is the point.

So cool!

This game is fire. 🔥

WOW! So nice.

Thank you for the useful tip!

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It is ok, 5/10.



This game is similar to Rust Bucket by Nitrome.


That SH%T scared me.  2/10

XD I got swept and lost. 

It's a nice idea. I would love to see more!

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Haha! Funny game. I enjoyed it a lot.

Ratio + L + bozo + 🤡.

Nice game!

You failed 4-Color Jam because white is the result of all colors combined, which are more then 4. 🤓

Reminds me of Robbery Bob for mobile.

Pretty good. Made in scratch

This is made in Scratch.

I bought FREEDOM! and nothing happened. Seemingly.

It is ok.

Your games are fun and inspiring. Even if they are satire, they are very good.


Is it only luck?

Very fun! I'm going to use this in IT class. :)

It looked so promising...

 One problem is the gameplay, it feels slippery and hard to control. On the other hand, it looks superb. I like the design and how everything looks.

 There is also a noise in the background (which I'm guessing is the car's engine). It's pretty annoying. Two player mode would be great, but you would  definitely have to fix the controls before that.

 My conclusion is: It's an overall okay game, nothing to spend much time on. It has a very prototypical feel. But I think you could improve this project if you wanted to!