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You failed 4-Color Jam because white is the result of all colors combined, which are more then 4. 馃

Reminds me of Robbery Bob for mobile.

Pretty good. Made in scratch

This is made in Scratch.

I bought FREEDOM! and nothing happened. Seemingly.

It is ok.

Your games are fun and inspiring. Even if they are satire, they are very good.


I was screwing with you. Not like the driver though. And not sexually either. I was joking. Like a screw-up, because I  should, in theory, be more mature at my age. But screw that, we should never lose the child within us.  Now, I'm going to eat some nuts. Neither metal nor man nuts, but regular nuts that grow on trees. I just hope I won't get hit by a bolt when going outside. Of any type. Good bye.

Is it only luck?

Very fun! I'm going to use this in IT class. :)

Don't care + If I am childish, then why are you still responding? That means you are also childish. 馃槢

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L + didn't ask + ratio + unfunny + 馃ぁ + 馃 + bozo + this game is still trash.

It looked so promising...

 One problem is the gameplay, it feels slippery and hard to control. On the other hand, it looks superb. I like the design and how everything looks.

 There is also a noise in the background (which I'm guessing is the car's engine). It's pretty annoying. Two player mode would be great, but you would  definitely have to fix the controls before that.

 My conclusion is: It's an overall okay game, nothing to spend much time on. It has a very prototypical feel. But I think you could improve this project if you wanted to!

It's good! I like how it looks.

It's ok (for a beginner).


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*dabs in win game*

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You made a nice puzzle game, but I'm not a big fan of the sprites.

Have you ever tried the game BLYM? It uses a similar idea. 

Quite trash, to be honest.


Please make it so you can use the arrow keys as well. Also, nice idea, but poorly executed.


DO a barrel roll.

I was waiting for this! Nice puzzle.

It does, but in minus! >:)

The game doesn't play itself and is also bad.

Stop replying

Interesting idea.However, I don't have anyone to play with.

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Horrible. Creepy and horrifying.

It's bad. Doesn't make any sense.

0/10 is already too much.

Boring and very bad quality (gameplay and looks). At least, it was short. :P

1 minute 24 seconds :)

I found an angle at which the serpent can travel trough the whole landscape without me having to do anything at all. It takes a lot of time until it catches some red pellets, but works.

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My time was 1 min and 24 sec. Gameplay was fun and a little scary,being worried not to fall in one of the gaps. However it was quite easy. I give it a 7/10.

That is because they would constantly fuck each other once they are out of the maximum limit. They cannot procreate then( on the maximum limit)

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A game about fucking too much.