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Thanks for playing!

Oh, okay. 

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Yes, I knew that it moves when you get close, but I didn't know how how did you make the jumping. I would probably create an empty GameObject with a collider set to trigger, put it on the right side of the horse and set that GameObject as a child of the horse, so that it would move with it. Than I would create an OnTriggerEnter2D void in a script attatched to that empty GameObject, which would detect wether it touches anything with a certain tag (All the groud GameObjects would have that tag) and if it does, it jumpes.                                    Did you do it the same way?

Wonderful game. Well done!

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quite unusual, but enjoyable game. I am still trying to figure out how did you make that horse AI. It's really well made.

Very nice game! I really like those particles, that change color over time, but I think adding music and sound effects would be a great idea, but I understand if you want to start something new and don't change what you have alredy finished.

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Thanks! You should also check out Blackthornprod if your want to learn C#. He's got really good tutorials as well (but you probably alredy know about him, don't you?).

Wow, I really appreciate your support. I am going to check out your games soon, but I don't have access to my computer at the moment and I probably can't play them on my phone.

I'm going to fix that music bug as soon as I can. Thanks!

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Thanks for the feedback! It is my first game and I made it just by using tutorials from Brackeys on YouTube and I am still learning how to program in C#, so I don't think I can add a way to show how far is it to the end of the level, but I will definetly think about it.